Thursday, December 24, 2009

Must watch movies and more

Updated on: 5Jan10

Ola readors and readoritas! Enjoying Christmas break by doing all kinds of fun things I suppose. If you have access to snow you must try making some Calvin snowmen. Buck and I made some and it was the most fun ever! We had a couple of evil snowmen attacking little snowmen with butter knives. Evil is so much fun :)

Anyhoo...I have decided to start an ongoing list of must watch, must avoid and everything in between movies. Will start with a list of recent (post 2007) releases ‘coz I recently got a Netflix account and have started catching up on movies released in the past couple of years. Here we go:


1) 9 (The animation, the beasts, the creativity…what’s not to like…well okay the ending could’ve been better, but still the awesomeness cannot be denied.)

2) District 9 (I loved the aliens, the plot, the script…not one boring moment).

3) Doubt (The amazing Meryl Streep! Script and plot rocked my world...absolutely loved it).

Awesome but depressing

1) The boy in the striped pajamas (Nazi Germany as seen through two eight year old boys. You never see the brutality on the screen and somehow that makes it even more chilling. It is a brilliant movie).

Surprisingly entertaining

1) Bolt (From the previews I had low expectations but it what a cute movie it turned out to be).

2) Julie and Julia (Brisk, light and as usual Meryl Streep rocks!).

3) The devil wears Prada (Meryl Streep again! Plus you get to see fabulous clothes paraded around).

4) Tulpan (I know I shouldn't judge a country based on a farce such as Borat but I did. Am I glad I watched Tulpan. The balance has been restored. I will continue to judge).

Only if you are really bored

1) Hancock (It was a very bizarre plot but at least it never got boring or annoying).

2) Enchanted (Amy Adams is adorable. Fairy tale princess on the cynical streets of New York…it coaxes a smile out of you).

3) Ella enchanted (Cinder-ella with a twist…me likey).

4) Land of the lost (Matt Lauer bits were hilarious. Other than that it was a drag. So watch the first and last 5 min of the movie and the rest is avoidable).

Could not take more than 15 min of this crap

1) Confessions of a shopaholic (Seriously, get a script before making a movie).

2) Step brothers (I love Will Ferrell but this was just too crass).

3) Nobody knows (I’m referring to the Japanese one…apparently there is a Korean movie by the same name too. The movie is well-made, based on a true story yadayadayada but it was like watching a 2 h rape scene…seriously sadistic! Watch it only if you want to punish yourself).

4) The code (Yikes…didn’t watch beyond the first 10 min…may be it gets better, didn’t care to find out).

5) Marley & me (Depressing and annoying. It is not a badly made movie but being an avid watcher of 'the dog whisperer' I found the uncontrolled mayhem that the dog unleashes throughout the movie highly irritating. I have low tolerance for people who adopt pets and then don't do a good job of taking care of them).

6) The tale of Despereaux (Possible the most boring animated movie I have watched).

7) Mall cop (Crap).

Addictive TV shows that make you hate having a job:

1) Sopranos (This show made me crave Italian food like I've never before. Buy lots of pasta and Ragu with the DVDs)

2) 24-season 1 (Every episode ends in a cliffhanger. So the best way to keep a day job while doing a marathon with this show is to stop watching it in the middle of the episode. That way you can stop without going nuts).

3) Six feet under (I just loved this show!)

4) Dexter (Initially I didn't care for the show, the science is pretty crappy, plus the guy who plays the main character in Dexter is a homosexual in six feet under, so it took me a while to 'accept' Dexter but now I am hooked).


cringe-all said...

interesting list, but you seem to shy away from the depressing while gravitating towards the feelgooders. Is that a conscious tendency?

Crystal Blur said...

Hi cringe-all,
Yes indeed. There was a phase I went through where I watched insane amounts of well made depressing movies and of course that made me feel like crap. That is when I decided to look for well made happy movies. But given that happy endings are predictable and boring it makes it a bit tricky to find good happy movies. Hence the list! It is for like-minded people who would otherwise have to scan through a whole bunch of mind numbing crap.

Drunken Master said...

Have you seen "In Bruges"? Hilarious and poignant at the same time.

Crystal Blur said...

Hey DM!

How have you been? Have added the movie to my Netflix queue...thanks for the suggestion.

Drunken Master said...

Same ol' Crys, not as many movies though...

Drunken Master said...

Since you've been watching foreign films, how about these German ones:
Nowhere in Africa, Good Bye Lenin, The Counterfeiters, The Lives of Others, and The Edukators.

I loved all of them.

Crystal Blur said...

Oh cool! My netflix queue needed some good recos, I have been scouring all the year end movie lists.

Drunken Master said...

Ragu??? I'm-a disaapointed...

Suman said...

liked your list...hope you keep posting such lists for movie lovers like myself...keep blogging

Crystal Blur said...


Thanks Suman

Dewdrop said...

Liked your list.

Watch MamaMia, if you are an ABBA fan. A musical and Meryl Streep rocks.

Watch Vicky, Christina and Barcelona. Absolutely loved the movie and picturesque Barcelona.

Ramadhani said...

very interesting.. Nice content...

Drunken Master said...

Check out Moon and The Hurt Locker. Moon is particularly interesting...

Crystal Blur said...

Hey thanks DM...Hurt Locker is on my list already. Will also add Moon. I am doing 30 Rock and Avatar the airbender marathon :)

Drunken Master said...

Maybe we you should start a DVD recommendation club/site/group - surely there's a website that allows you to do it.

Crystal Blur said...

Great idea! Movie group would be fun. We can make members write 1 line reviews of movies they've watched unless it is a really crappy movie. Then they have to write a detailed description of every excruciating moment of watching it :)

Drunken Master said...

Or at least one seriously detalied Rajni/Mithunda movie review per member, complete with dialog quotations.

Crystal Blur said...

Hahaha! That's pretty sadistic...I like! :)

Unknown said...

Hey why u stop writing on blog plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz write something atleast write a-z evan that will make me happy

Krishanu said...

Have you completed stopped writing? Or just moved on from this one and have another blog?

I'd read your Mahabharat series earlier. Out of the blue today, I suddenly thought of it.

Please do write! Love your style.

Ragini said...

Hey Crystal,

I was a regular reader of your blogly stopped. WHHHAAAAYYYY? Please start again, the lessons in religion were amazing and that is exactly how they will be passed onto my progeny.

Crystal Blur said...

Sadly I have indeed stopped writing. I do not have another blog. I'm afraid I have lost my writing mojo (sniff).