Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Top 11 all time favorite video/PC games

(11) Ignition
This game had the most scenic and awesome looking routes. Amongst the rides, you can choose to drive a school bus and the kids will yell when you drive recklessly. It was a riot.

(10) Prince of Persia
This game used to stress me out with the super long jumps and guards sneaking up on you. Never made it to the princess. If only it was a prince I was rescuing, I would've tried harder.

(9) Bejeweled 2
Mildly addictive for me but it used to annoy me to no end when a PC voice would declare loudly at the end of every failed level, "No more moves." I know that!!

(8) Mortal Kombat
Finish him...flawless victory! Still cracks me up. I have no idea why I enjoyed playing this game. I am not a big fan of combat games but this one was pretty entertaining. I even liked the movie and I had nightmares of the Scorpion character. Anything that moves in a snake like manner and shoots snakes through its palms is creepy!

(7) Street Fighters
I loved the fact that there were female characters to choose from. There was no blood and gore and every character had a different combat style. So I loved this game.

(6) Mario brothers
Who doesn't love Mario brothers? Even my mom would play this game and she had the tendency to lean in the direction of the jump. Okay I did that too.

(5) Minesweeper/Pearl Hunter
It took me a while to actually get the game but once I did there was no stopping me. But it is not as exciting once you figure it out. Nevertheless a great game to learn while growing up.

(4) Word racer
Started playing this game with the sole intention of kicking a certain somebody's ass which I did (:p). Haven't played this game too much recently ('coz there aren't too many takers as I kick everybody's ass).Okay I don't want to do too much trash talk or I might have to eat my words one of these days.

(3) Text twist
Oh man! There was a time when my entire lab was addicted. All of us would gather around a PC and play this game obsessively. The highest score ever was in the 200 thousands.

(2) Cubis 2
Love this game! It is something like Rubik's cube but not exactly. I have finished all the levels so I am hoping that yahoo games will come up with Cubis 3. Come on people!

(1) Guitar hero
You have to play it to believe it. It has to be one of the most addictive games ever. I was hooked after playing it just once. I actually bought Playstation 2 to be able to play GH!! I know it is nerdy to have guitar-controller skills (and no skills whatsoever when it comes to a real guitar). But it is the best simulated rock star experience money can buy. Plus it is a good insight into how complicated it really is to play a real guitar because the controller is the super simplified version of a guitar and it is still challenging.

None of the Wii games made the list because I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. But that be my fav list and now you know.


Drunken Master said...

The first ever video game I bought for my PC was Fatal Racing, where along with trying to win the race, one could get bonus points for blowing up other cars by trashing them. It had an F1 style season complete with qualifying and was unbelievably addictive!

Do you remember "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

How about Tetris? In the end, that's all I used to play on m GameBoy

mandeepsg said...

Yeah...super mario Bro's, Contra, Pinball, Tank, Pacman, Solitaire, Teris, Need For Speed, Road Rash, Alladin.....there is no end of these entertainers....

CogitoErgoConfusum said...

Hook, meet fish.

Did I really kick so much ass on Word Racer as to muddle you into thinking the reverse is true? Damn, I'm good. :P

Crystal blur said...

Drunken master,
Uff! How could I forget tetris. I was hooked onto it for sure. Although, I never played the Carmen Sandiego game you talk about.

Woah! I used to play pinball and tank too. Wow, I didn't realise the amount of gaming I did growing up.

Haha!! I suggest you check your ass for my footprint. You sure kicked my ass when I wasn't good at typing but I got my revenge...I only wish I had taken a screenshot of my sweet victory. :p

Rebecca said...

I so miss playing guitar hero with you, although I could never TOUCH your mad skills!

For me, I never played video games, but I loved the computer games Snood and Zuma, both of which I was completely addicted to at one point. I think 90% of my free time freshman year in college was spent playing either Snood or Skip-bo with my roommate!

Crystal blur said...

I miss playing Scattergories too :(

Twisted DNA said...

TextTwist is amazing!! I can't count how many hours I wasted on it, I mean, how many hours of my TextTwist was sponsored by my employer.

Did you play Price of Persia on PS2? Awesome!

Drunken Master said...

I played Carmen on a 386. Don't even remember how old I was back then...

Crystal blur said...

You are a text twist addict too! :) One of my friend's mom would visit her more often just so she could play text twist...I know!
Nope, didn't play Prince of Persia on PS2 but I tried playing Spiderman on PS2 and it was awful! I never felt so unco-ordinated :(

Drunken master,
Carmen? Is that a racing game?

Amalesh said...

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto? The PS2 versions are not too expensive...

Crystal blur said...

Nope, not my kind of game. I am more into words games and stuff. Some fighting games here and there but not very interested.

maalvani mulgo said...

er... i think you mean "King of Fighters" where you said Street Fighters.

I've found an arcade where they have it. hahaha

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