Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Want to extinguish the sun
Just for some selfish fun
Pluck away the stars for good
Just because it suits my mood

Forgot everything I learned
Something terrible I yearned
Betraying the beaten path
Baring unto a bitter wrath

Wasn't a choice I could make
Tried so hard to hesitate
Lately the way I see
Its all a skewed reality

The hell's bell will toll
As I quickly lose control
Willing to bet it all
I prepare for the fall

Ready to give up all I got
Without a concern or a doubt
A recluse from the humankind
Prisoner of a diseased mind

Whats this urge to self destruct
A penchant to not give a fuck
Hell bend to walk in reverse
Complying to my mind perverse

Defying everything that is real
To unearth what lies concealed
Maybe I failed to see
The angel I was meant to be

Orphaned by morality
Remorse a formality
Righteous Gods will frown
Disown me, put me down

Not welded by chastity
I submit to heresy
Brutal, deviant and ugly
The truth it sets me free

Full circle

Hunched in front of the PC
Or bleary eyed watching TV
Nuking dinners in the microwave
Over and over in a full circle

Downing shots of kamikazes
With a buzz to seduce reality
Waking up hung over life
Over and over in a full circle

Morning papers mourning martyrs still
Rapes and murders simply for a thrill
Heroes fighting for peace and justice
Over and over in a full circle

Affairs, divorces, sex tapes and all
Papparazzi then spew some gall
Stars they rise and they fall
Over and over in a full circle

Breathe in breathe out
Echo what is without
Duplicate, reconstruct, reproduce
Over and over in a full circle

Creation, nurture and destruction
A universe of replication
Listen to the pulsationg beat repeat
Over and over in a full circle

An ode to catdog

An orange ball of fur
Tip toes in the grass
Hunts with the passion
Of a big jungle cat

He thinks he is the king
of the ground he walks on
He looks like garfield
and acts like a dog

He walks me to school
and waits on me at dusk
He paws at the geckos
and then sniffs like a mutt

He is the best catdog
you will ever meet
But now he is lost
and wandering the streets

I hope he comes back home
I miss him a ton
Coz without the orange furball
its just not much fun

The way

Won't you share the toxicity
Inject a shot of pain into me

Smouldering steadily your mind chars
Trade open wounds for some benign scars

Your dark demons you defend
One woman war until the end?

I know they have been unkind
Got you locked up in a sick mind

Bury the remains of the cold shattered God
Gather every drop of resilience and move on

Bare unto the warm light the venom frozen within
Like snow melting and trickling on the first day of spring

A monsoon of tears to wash away the mirth
Wild colorful blossoms soon impending birth

Fertilize the coming day with the ashes of the past
You don't have forever, peace follows at last

Grasp on today, tomorrow may not be
Be the warrior you are, not a refugee

Reservation preservation

Living in a community
Enforcing equal opportunity
With the power of reservation
thought they started a revolution

Raking votes these politicians
Really became the morticians
Of a million dashed careers
A nation of blinded seers

Is this really a solution
Dissuading the resolution
Of the hard working mind
In the name of helping mankind