Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The dance of the bee, the scent of a rose

A bee dancing with splendor
Enchanting the rose to surrender
Dizzying fragrance, the bee drowns in
Settling on the velvet petal skin

Feeling the ecstasy of the red rose
The bee is now ever so close
Red rose blushing like a virgin
Dew drops like sweat on the velvet skin

Rose now swaying in a slow motion
Bee now drunk on the sweet potion
Nay can’t be nectar nor it be wine
Was there elixir that feels so fine?

Drunk, dizzy in a happy stupor the bee floats away
The rose opens its petals glowing lovelier today

The predator

Wrapped in silence
The forest looks still
Do not be fooled
Life lurks within

Everything that lives in it
Is a predator or a prey
Be the sly agile hunter
And you live another day

Eat or be eaten
The laws here say
Bloodshed isn’t uncommon
A small price to pay

Ravish the warm blood
Success has a sweet taste
No ethics or guilt here
It’s your survival at stake

So sharpen your senses
And live for the day
Have no regrets
Slay or be slayed.

Little blob blue

A blue blob
Wandering away
Billions thrive
Night and day

A vantage point
A paradise blue
A mesh of life
A home for you

Covered in miasma
Black and gray
Choking away

Hatred sprouts
War cries sound
Once a restful cradle
Now a burial ground

Garage sale in an emotional junkyard

It may look a little old and pale
Antique memoirs are on sale
A basketful of paper hearts
Riddled by stupid Cupid’s darts

A bottle of tears cried at night
Poisonous words full of spite
Promises made with ignorant haste
Letters smothered in emotional waste

A gaze colder than the North Pole
A broken heart and a tattered soul
Torn photos and broken frames
Vicious lies and cruel mind games

In the hope that I may need it someday
I saved the clutter that I clear today
Hogging space and gathering grime
It all needles my harrowed mind

Take it all and go away
Take all the feelings blue and gray
Scatter it to the wind on a mountain high
Make me lighter as I prepare to fly