Thursday, September 08, 2005

To switch or not to switch

The Monty Hall dilemma

You are probably familiar with the problem from the TV show ‘Lets make a deal’. Here is the problem. There are three doors and there is a car behind one of the doors and goats behind the other two doors. You don’t know which door the car is behind, but the game show host knows where it is. You get to pick a door and once you pick a door, the host will open a door with a goat behind from the remaining two doors (i.e. the doors you didn’t pick). Then you have two choices, either you stick with the door you originally picked or switch to the other door.

What would you do?

According to Marilyn Vos Savant, if you switch you have a higher probability to win. The reasoning being that 2 /3 times you will pick the wrong door and when the host opens a door with the goat, he has no choice but to pick the only other door with the goat behind. So 2/3 of the times if you switch you will get the car.

Not convinced yet? There is a computer simulation for this problem, which is fun to try out. Go to

So would you switch or stick?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shadow and light

Sharp lines emerged and blurred in front of my eyes.

Such games the light and shadow played today.

My room filled with color and warmth.

Then tired, the light retreated away.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Waiter, there is art in my coffee!

My latest addiction on the internet is The other day I was surfing around and came across a collection of photos on latte art. Exquisite, impressive…all and all in good taste.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rishyasringa (The conclusion)

So far....
Minister: "One more meeting and I will scream."
King of Anga: Busy having orgies.
Smartass: "I am fucked if the Booty Squad does not come through."
Booty Squad: "We kicked some serious ass."
Rishyasringa: "So many women, so little time."
Vibhandaka: (Farts). "Oh fuck! Here I go again."
Horses: "Are we there yet?"

Booty squad finally reaches the palace along with Rishyasringa.
King of Anga: "Welcome to Anga son. It is our pleasure to have you here."
Rishyasringa:"Thank you your majesty."
Kinga of Anga:"You are welcome to stay here as long as you want. I have one favor to ask from you though. Will you be able to hook us up with Swarga's water department?"
Rishyasringa:"Sure thing"
Booty Fool pinches Rishyasringa.
Rishyasringa:"Ow, I mean what's in it for me?"
King:"What's on your mind?"
Rishyasringa whispers to Booty Fool: "What do I ask for?"
Booty Fool (whispers):"Princess's hand in marriage."
Rishyasringa : "What? And kill my social life before it could even begin?."
Booty Fool (groan):"Okay first of all, the King's social life is not anywhere close to over, secondly have you even seen Princess Santa?, thirdly you promised me and don't even get me started with the horns on your head."
Rishyasringa:"Okay okay! You don't have to be so fucking rude."
King:"Ahem! So do you know what you want?"
Rishyasringa:"Yes, I want your daughter's hand in marriage."
Courtiers: Gasp!
Smartass:"Damn those bitches are smart!"
All heads turn to the King.
King looks at Queen. All heads turn to the Queen.
Queen:"He is smart, well educated, and damn he is hot....sure Santa should marry him."
The King agrees and the very next day water starts flowing in Anga again.

Just when things seem to settle, Vibhandaka arrives in the palace and he looks mighty pissed.
Minister whispers to Smartass:'Wow he got here fast. He must have some kind of magical powers."
Vibhandaka furiously:"You thought you could use my contacts in the water department and I won't find out?"
King:"Vibhandaka please calm down. You must be tired from the journey. Here let me make you an offering of some of my finest happy potion."
Vibhandaka eyes the happy potion. Rishyasringa steps in arm in arm with Princess Santa.
Rishyasringa:"Yo Dad! Wassup?"
Vibhandaka (very pissed) :"Thats it! You guys are going down."
Minister:"Before you curse us for eternal damnation there is something we want you to see. Smartass go ahead."
Smartass goes near Vibhandaka with a platter covered with a red silk cloth. He unveils the cloth to reveal Vibhandaka's personal diary.
Vibhandaka: "Oh fuck!"
Smartass:"I loved the drawings."
Rishyasringa:"What is it?"
Vibhandaka:"Nothing!" Looks at King."So you were saying, you have the vintage happy potion?"
King:"Oh yes, certainly."

And there you have it....
Rishyasringa: Enjoying marital bliss
Santa: "Whats with the horns?"
Booty Squad minting money in their upscale Booty Parlour: "Totally awesome."
Booty Fool starts up her own production in Angallywood:"Like action!"
Courtiers:"We are still underpaid!"
Vibhandaka: Hic hic
King: "Holy fuck is this position humanly possible?"
Queen: "Oh yeah I've done it that way before."
King:"Oh really?"
Smartass:"Shit I think I forgot my undies in the queen's bedroom"

---The End----

If you are interested in reading a brief non-CCSL version of this story go to:

Rishyasringa (Part five)

Rishyasringa is sitting in the cottage trying to concentrate but inevitably ends up day dreaming about Booty Fool. Not knowing if he would see Booty Fool again, he decides to sketch her from memory. Booty Fool walks upto the cottage and finds Rishyasringa deep in thought.
Booty Fool:"HI!!"
Rishyasringa:"Shriek!! Don't ever do that again."
Booty Fool:"Aw I am sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."
Rishyasringa:"I thought I will never see you again."
Booty Fool hugs Rishyasringa and Rishyasringa feels the tingling sensation in his happy place again.
Booty Fool: "You need to get out more often. I know! Lets go on a date, by the riverside."
Rishyasringa:"I don't know about that. Dad wants me to review chapter 20.8 today."
Booty Fool:"Oh come on! Pleeeease". Bats eyelashes.
Rishyasringa:"Yeah you right. Fuck it. Lets go."
Booty Fool:"Did you just say fuck?"
Rishyasringa:"Yeah, what does it mean?"
Booty Fool:"Oh I'll tell you what it means. In fact if it is your lucky day, I might just show you what it means."
Booty Fool and Rishyasringa walk to the riverside hand in hand.

Booty squad swiftly moves towards the cottage after Booty Fool and Rishyasringa leave.
Booty Queen:"Alright bitches. So like this is the plan. Sleeping booty, Black booty and I go inside the cottage and y'all keep an eye. If there is a threat, give the Booty Call."
Booty squad quickly gets in position.
Booty Queen, Sleeping Booty and Black Booty start rummaging through the cottage.
Sleeping Booty:"I found it! Look y'all, this trunk is labeled Vibhandaka's secret stash."
Booty Queen:"Like did you even read the orders? It specifically said to look for 'incriminating evidence'. Now look more carefully."
Black Booty:"I wonder whats in the secret stash though."
Booty Queen:"Oh probably subscription to Apsaras gone wild."
Black Booty:"OMG! Look! Trunk labeled incriminating evidence. This is it."
Sleeping Booty:"Shoot! It says password protected."
Booty Queen:"So like whats the problem?"
Sleeping Booty:"Er...we don't know the password?"
Booty Queen:"Like don't be absurd. It says right there, password protected."
Black Booty:"Oh you are so smart Q!"
Black Booty writes "protected" on the trunk and click, the trunk opens.
Booty Queen:"Look what we have here...Vibhandaka's personal diary! Take the diary and lets head back before somebody finds us."

Booty Squad heads back to the Booty camp.
Meanwhile by the riverside.
Booty Fool:"You mean you have NEVER seen a woman? Never ever??"
Rishyasringa:"Hey I already feel bad enough. You don't have to rub it in."
Booty Fool:"Alright I am sorry. I could show you what a woman looks like."
Booty Fool starts peeling off her clothes.
Booty Fool now clad only in red thongs:"So what do you think?"
Rishyasringa stunned and pink:"I think I need new underwear."

At the Booty Camp, the Booty squad is horrified after reading the diary.
Sleeping Booty:"Like I have no words."
Black Booty:"I thought I had seen it all."
Booty Queen:"Who would've thought Vibhandaka and animal sex."
Sleeping Booty:"Those drawings and descriptions...that poor deer must've died of exhaustion."
Booty Queen:"OMG, it gets worse you guys. Like Beauty Fool didn't see it at first b'coz of his long hair but then she noticed that Rishya had something that looked like deer horns coming out of his head."
Black Booty:"Does that mean....?"
Booty Queen:"Like Duh!"
Beauty Squad:"EEEWWWWW!"
Sleeping Booty:"I think I am going to throw up."

Rishyasringa and Booty Fool return singing "Its a bootiful world."
Rishyasringa:"I think I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I can't live without you Booty Fool."
Booty Fool giggles:"Don't be silly!"
Rishyasringa:"I want to make you happy. Is there anything I can do?"
Booty Fool: "Actually there is..."
Rishyasringa listens to Booty Fool as she talks for an hour.
Booty Fool:"In summary, I want you to come to Anga and bring rain, give me a break in Angallywood and make Booty Squad rich."
Rishyasringa:"Wow!" Thinks for a bit. "And you said there are lots of women in Anga?"
Booty Fool:"Lots!"
Rishyasringa:"Let me grab a few things and I will meet you in 5."
Booty Fool:"Awesome."
Booty squad along with Rishyasringa begin their journey to Anga.

End of Part five.

(To be continued...)