Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bulletin broad

The person who recommends Scarface is a sadistic bastard.

No new lovable side kicks and a medi-ogre plot made Shrek 3 a dull watch.

Impressive innovative fantasy creatures breathe life into an otherwise vacant Pan’s Labyrinth.

Garden state finds closures and new beginnings in a cute quirky way.

John Lasseter ran out of gas in Cars, the most under-whelming Pixar movie I have ever watched.

Released in January 2007 and already on DVD, Freedom writers is a too good to be true sort of movie about a teacher who forever changes the lives of her students (who are trapped in a world of gang wars and racism). The movie brushes cynicism aside and leaves you astounded (and running to the bookstore) when you learn that it is in fact based on “the freedom writers diaries” ….a true story.

The Gulf War memoirs of a jarhead tell a disheartening tale of a US marine… a true story.


Shek said...

havent seen freedom writers yet.

I will not tolerate anything against Shrek and Cars. Katti :P

Crystal blur said...

That makes you an intolerant movie fanatic...tsk tsk.:)

raghu said...

guess im sadistic then.

Crystal blur said...

Raghu..what makes you sadistic? I didn't get that (??)

raghu said...

i liked scraface.. and wud recommend it!

Crystal blur said...

Arrey dil pe mat le yaar...if you liked Scarface, then you are genuinely recommending it i.e. not recommending with the intention of making others suffer through the movie, hence you aren't sadistic. I was merely stating that this movie could be potentially used by sadistic people as a weapon on unsuspecting movie renters like me :)

Drunken Master said...

[Whips out gun] "You don't like Scarface? Say herro to my little fre!"

Haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth (yet) or Cars, but I would recommend The Motorcycle Diaries, The Science of Sleep and Children of Men if you liked Garden State and haven't seem them already.

Crystal blur said...

Drunken master,
Scarface? You too?

Thanks for reminding me of Motorcycle diaries...wanted to check that out. Will promptly add it to my blockbuster online list.

I found Children of Men's plot scientifically implausible and the 'action' part of it was also mediocre...not impressed.

I was afraid that 'The science of sleep' will be some psuedoscientific docu-drama but it looks like it is nothing like that (right?)...looks intriguing...will check that out.

Fleiger said...

Really? Shrek 3? I was planning to go and watch it on screen :(

Well, the only movie I am really looking forward to now is "Order of The Phoenix"

Crystal blur said...

You should still go and watch Shrek 3 but just temper your expectations. I went in expecting it to be as great as Shrek 1 and 2 and was disappointed. Pirates was a lot of fun to watch...albeit veerrry long movie to go without a peepee break :)

Me too...can't wait for the HP movie and book!

Drunken Master said...

The Science of Sleep is in the Eternal Sunshine vein. I liked the movie, since Stephane reminds me of myself a bit.

Have you seen Local Hero? It's an amazingly charming movie made in the early 80's.

Thought I'd mention it since I have the end credits theme stuck in my head. See Here

Crystal blur said...

Drunken master,
I checked out Science of sleep and *loved* it! That was a great recommendation. I haven't seen Local Hero...will look into it. Thanks.

The Pilgrim said...

Scarface is awesome. I like it and have recommended it to a lot of people. Even Amitabh Bacchan used that for Agnipath :-)

Totally support on Shrek 3 .. I had the urge of leaving it half way into the movie.