Saturday, January 24, 2009


Are you suffering from red eyes, incessant yawns and getting barely enough sleep? Are you too poor to afford DVR and wish you hadn’t squandered away all your money on food and rent? If you have answered yes to both questions then you must be a harrowed tennis fan trying to find a reasonable hour to watch the Australian Open. Fellow sufferers, I feel your pain.

Even worse, sometimes you find the time to watch AO and what happens? They feature two Russian chicks on court 3 when you’d rather watch the oh-so-awesome Tsonga on court 10. Or feature some boring American player that you couldn’t care less about when drool worthy Safin is playing on the adjacent court. ESPN may not always get my priorities right but they totally redeemed themselves by starting ESPN 360.

If you haven’t already discovered ESPN 360, boy, are you in for a sweet surprise! So check it out…you can watch the entire uncut coverage (commentary, press interviews included) online for free. I haven't explored their archives yet but looks like they have most of the matches there. What's more, you can fast forward the ads. Yes...FF the ads! Can it get any better? can watch your match of choice in the live coverage. I can finally choose to watch a live Safin/Tsonga/Monfils match on the internet over the featured non-Safin match on TV. Sweet!

I mean this was inevitable, it was going to happen eventually. This is the future of TV…everything should be the way it is on ESPN 360. Every week, all the new episodes of TV shows should become available and you should be able to pick and choose what and more importantly, when you watch a show. All the shows should be on demand. Why are we still forced to watch crap when we can have the option of choosing which crap we want to watch and when? Network folks, please take notes from ESPN 360…I cannot believe how long it is taking you guys to catch on.

ESPN 360…thanks!


Joy Forever said...

I don't follow tennis much, but I think I'd rather watch two Russian chicks than some handsome guy. But in any case I don't have a TV and don't plan to buy one anytime soon, so thanks a lot for informing me about ESPN 360.

Drunken Master said...

ESPN360 is the bane of my working existence! That and SopCast...

Drunken Master said...

FYI - been to Six Flags Great Adventure yet?

Crystal blur said...

Yeah, I should've said 'or vice versa if you are a guy' there ;) I tried the no TV thing once and it was actually really nice...I had a lot more time to do things. But the devil box found its way to my house...I got a free TV from my friend, and the rest is history. Never have I been TV free since.

Drunken Master,
SopCast eh? I dare check out another time sucking invention?
Yeah, I have been to six flags but I don't enjoy roller coasters as much...I prefer moderate thrill rides, like the ones in Universal studios...or even Hershey's Park in PA...that was pretty good.

However, I am putting together a list of must do things in NY? I have a few things on the list, like be in the audience of the daily show and comedy central presents and such. There are so many great restaurants in NY...I want to try out the really good ones...featured in Bon Appetit or Bobby Flay's throwdown and such, one restaurant a month or something like that. Any suggestions for the list?

Joy Forever said...

Well I'd love to, but experience tells me that I'm a little crazy and most people's idea of fun does not match mine. I roam around all over New York (on foot as much as possible) in my free time and take pictures... that's my biggest passion these days. And since I am a grad student, you know what things I can do and what I can't. ;)
Still, if you are interested, I can tell you a few things... considering your field, you would probably like the Natural History Museum very much. Been there? And Met-Art and MOMA too; you are also interested in art, if I'm not mistaken. In summer there are a lot more things to do. You MUST take a walk down the Brooklyn Bridge and back, but that's more enjoyable in warmer weather.

Drunken Master said...

I was at Hershey Park last summer, the day Fahrenheit opened. Some rides there are hardcore as well. Love the place - roller coasters and chocolate!!!

One great tradition is to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, (preferably on a balmy sunny spring day) from Manhattan (last stop of the 6 train: Bklyn Bridge/City Hall) to Brooklyn and eat pizza at Grimaldi's, which is not far once you get off the bridge. Trust me, Grimaldi's is one of the best pizza joints on the planet.

Try Lombardi's on Spring Street (in the city) too sometime if you can, great pizza there too.

99 Miles to Philly has some great Philly Cheese Steaks (if you're unwilling to make that 99 mile trek to Philly), just off Union Square (3rd ave b/w 12th and 13th), and it's right next to Nevada Smith's which is the best soccer bar in North America (during the day) and has great Karaoke at nights (not sure if it's every night).

Hit The Ginger Man (38th and Lex) or somewhere thereabout for the greatest beer selection in the city, before getting in to one of the late night show tapings, if you already have tickets...

Junior's in Bklyn and Times Sq. has amazing Cheese Cake (I haven't finished a wedge yet, with help...)

Google to get exact locations, and if you want more, steak or sushi places, I'll be glad to let you know

Crystal blur said...

That is one of the things that I wanted to do...photograph NY city. Amazingly, I want to photograph the buildings, which is wierd because I was never that interested in buildings. But there are some NY buildings with that special rustic character that I have scoped out and hope to capture sometime in spring. I just am not that into phtotgraphy when I have to wear those stoopid thermals and my fingers are freezing. The nailed it...I have to visit them...still haven't found the time to do it but they are on the top of the list. Can't believe I missed Dali exhibits...I am not sure if they are still showing. And since Brooklyn bridge got 2 votes already, I will put it on the list. Also would love to check out your photos of NY, have you uploaded them on Flickr?

Drunken Master,
Did you sit in Farenheit? OMG that looked like one scary ride.

Thanks for all the suggestions. And yes, am definitely interested in is only one of my all time favorite foods. Can't say the same about beer though...still haven't acquired the taste buds that appreciate a good cold beer. However, I recently discovered the joys of drinking makes me so happy!

I have a few restaurants on my list and they are all from Food Network Throwdown episodes. So far I have Taim for some lip smackingly good falafels, Payard for some soft creamy chocolatey french desserts and The good fork for some yummy delicious chinese dumplings. I would love to add some Japanese, Ethiopian, Spanish and Italian restaurants to the list...any suggestions?

All this food talk is making me break out into the Ice Age 2 song: "Fooood glorious fooood!"


Crystal blur said...

Drunken master,

Oh I almost forgot to ask...tu bhi mere ilakey mein hai kya?

Joy Forever said...

Lagta hai tum bhi apun ka maafik paagal hai. Apun bhi building ka photu kheechta hai par apun ka dost log bolta hai "Mamu, building mein kya hai? Chhokri logon ka photu lene ka!"
Sent you a FlickRMail.

Drunken Master said...

I was there the day it opened, so I had to try it. I waited for 2 hours to get on it, so it was a bit of a let down. Absolutely loved Storm Runner and Wild Mouse. I lost sight in one eye for a few moments after Storm Runner and wanted to go back, but my friends dragged me away from there.

There is a great Ethiopian place just off Houston that my cousin took me to, and a very rustic al fresco Italian place in either the West Village or Chelsea (I can't remember which), that she took me to (she's great like that!). Will post when I find out the names.

But I do know, for Felafels, you HAVE to go to Mamouns on McDougal. Round the corner from where I stay when I'm visiting.

Mein woh ilake mein rehta thaa. Do saal Brooklyn mein, par ab mein Deep Souf mein hoon. I visit 4-5 times a year though.

There is this amazing Mexican hole-in the wall, in the heart of Brooklyn. Best Burritos I've had in the US (otherwise the best ones I had were in Cancun!) Problem for non-locals is that there is nothing else to do there, so if you're in the Midwood area, let me know and I'll give you the details!

Before I give you sushi, try this place Chung Moo Ro, a Korean Steakhouse. Walking distance from Penn Station. Amazing amazing food. Dunno about cost though, the 3 times I went there, I didn't pay...

Intense said...

Good to have you back. I'd reckon you wouldn't know me, but I've been a regular on the site - the frequency going from daily to weekly to, lastly, monthly.

One question some of us always wanted to ask Kris: Where did you learn of the Rishyasringa story? About a couple of decades back there was a mallu movie named Vyshali (go on this tale. But that's probably not the initiator in your case...

Drunken Master said...

So I found that Italian place I mentioned sooo long ago. La Trattoria! Ate there yesterday: AWESOME! 145 Hudson St, New York.

And the Ethiopian place: Ghenet, 284 Mulberry St.


Crystal blur said...

I came across a copy of Rajagopalachari's Mahabharat...and so it began.

That reminds me of "The La Trattoria" from Mickey blue eyes. Also, check out Xunta Tapas Bar on 1st (between 10 and 11th street)...affordable yum food...specially the small grilled spicy spanish sausage. I will definitely check out the ones you mentioned.

Drunken Master said...

Unfortunately I left NYC on Wednesday after yet another all too brief trip. So these are the places I ate at while I was there:
La Trattoria, Mamoun's Felafel, 99 Miles to Philly, 5 Guys Burgers, Pigs and Whisles (St. Patty's Day drinks + Irish food) and Pongal.

I'll hit the Tapas Bar the next time I'm up there.

Let me know what you think of the places I listed if you go there sometime soon.