Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 toes make a right...foot

Ding! Tired feet ready themselves to exit the subway at Penn Station NY. “This is Canal street”, proclaims the train announcement. One man is appalled. The tired feet march on. One pair of feet recklessly run at 20mph in the quest to catch a connecting train. Mad rush. The running feet nearly run over a man. The man who was almost run over utters a single word, “Jeez!” The 20mph feet screech in their sneakers which in turn give out a high pitched squeal. Then without acknowledging the mini outburst, the feet carry on at 15 mph. Around the corner, a quarter succumbs to gravity. The sound of metal colliding with the floor reverberates only for a moment. The coin finds a resting place in the wet brown ick of the subway. Amazingly, the coin is not orphaned and makes its way back into the wallet. At least one person is appalled and feels heartfelt gratitude for the invention of credit cards. The feet carry on, turning another corner and stumbling upon the familiar face of ‘Sleepy Lester’ and his harmonica. This time the feet are tempted to slow down or even stop. But they don’t…they march on.


Drunken Master said...

Canal Street is still way too far for Penn Station. 14th Street is where you should be getting ready, if on the express.

Crystal blur said...

Huh? The Canal street announcement was a galti se mistake by the automated announcement system.

Drunken Master said...

Ahhh! Now I get it. Every now and then, I used to get Green Line announcements on the Red when the 5 trains were being used as 2 trains.

Guess I've been out of NYC long enough to forget.

Gaurav Parab said...

Eh, I have not been to NYC, but a hundred billion movies later - I know it inside out.

Anyways, I remember chancing upon your blog a couple of years ago and having a big laugh about the maha stories. Then more important things happened, and I had to leave my desk to format some technical documents.

Two years later, and after a search for that that 'crystal' something, I find your blog again. Now, I can complete my mythological education in peace. Keep writing dear.