Friday, November 20, 2009

Of shrooms and koopalings

Dear Princess Peach,

Hi! In case you are wondering where I am and what's taking so long I thought I should write. I am stuck in the freaking desert for the last 3 days. Yes Luigi is with me but that hasn't made things any easier. Sure we are getting better each day but looks like you will be with the koopalings for a good few months.

Rest assured, if we don't give up on rescuing you and make it to the end I want to say better be prepared to give one hell of a blow job.



Shriniwas K said...

You ara tha meeessinngga thaa Itaaliaanna accenthaaa


Rajavel said...

WTH ! IS that a coded message to some one ? lol !

Crystal blur said...


Pizza doh! I should've at least used italics.


You are totally out of the loop man! Get Super Mario and wii pronto...what kind of a father are you?! Are you depriving your son from building virtual memories? That's just not right.

Joy Forever said...

Oh, so you are playing with a new toy, are you? And that is why we are deprived of the Mahabharata? I sympathize with you fully this time as I bought a new toy recently and blogging took a back seat straightaway. However, I hope you get bored with super Mario soon and come back to your "epic" task.
Oh, by the way, best of luck with those shrooms... aren't there any evil tortoises and man-eating flowers to tackle?

Crystal blur said...


Which toy did you buy? OMG I am loving is worth buying Wii just to play this game. The evil characters in Mario are uber cute, dancing all the time...and Yoshi, Helicopter suit and Penguin suit are awesome! I am in love with this game!! Good thing the holidays are coming I can be my game addict self in peace. Here we go :)

Joy Forever said...

I bought a DSLR camera! :-)