Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The dance of the bee, the scent of a rose

A bee dancing with splendor
Enchanting the rose to surrender
Dizzying fragrance, the bee drowns in
Settling on the velvet petal skin

Feeling the ecstasy of the red rose
The bee is now ever so close
Red rose blushing like a virgin
Dew drops like sweat on the velvet skin

Rose now swaying in a slow motion
Bee now drunk on the sweet potion
Nay can’t be nectar nor it be wine
Was there elixir that feels so fine?

Drunk, dizzy in a happy stupor the bee floats away
The rose opens its petals glowing lovelier today


buckwaasur said...

Cool! :-))

FunnyCide said...

nice one.. btw, you have the same template as me..
same pinchhhhh.. :)


Crystal blur said...

Hey Bucky...your spoof is cool too :)
Funnycide...:) I luv yur handle.

sarabjeet singh said...

enchanting stuff !
u may wanna check out (another enlightened soul with gr8 poetic skills).
his blog used to top my list until urs came along..