Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The predator

Wrapped in silence
The forest looks still
Do not be fooled
Life lurks within

Everything that lives in it
Is a predator or a prey
Be the sly agile hunter
And you live another day

Eat or be eaten
The laws here say
Bloodshed isn’t uncommon
A small price to pay

Ravish the warm blood
Success has a sweet taste
No ethics or guilt here
It’s your survival at stake

So sharpen your senses
And live for the day
Have no regrets
Slay or be slayed.


dogmatix said...

Beautiful Crystal. U have an effortless way with words!

raghu said...

i feel it reflects in your mahabharatha and rishyasringa.

raghu said...

please do write more poetry i love it.. its as good as the prose.. its more direct in the meaning.. its wonderful.. please do write more!