Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Little blob blue

A blue blob
Wandering away
Billions thrive
Night and day

A vantage point
A paradise blue
A mesh of life
A home for you

Covered in miasma
Black and gray
Choking away

Hatred sprouts
War cries sound
Once a restful cradle
Now a burial ground


witnwisdumb said...

Not to worry, all hope isn't lost yet... Even burial grounds have their value :|

raghu said...

wow.. great.. see i believe there is a lot of good in this world. we just count the bad things that happen.. the crimes and murders n all of dat.. but in all that misery there are small deeds of love and compassion which sustain the world. its bettr to try and make a difference than say that its not possible.. i believe we are here to do something.. we might as well do it!