Saturday, October 09, 2004

Brain damage

In a million pieces my brain exploded
Defying laws of gravity I floated
Sick and tired of this disconnection
My face flooded in a vacant expression

This strange dichotomy I exhibit
At the surface I look quite placid
But underneath corrodes my mind
Crushed under the banal grind

Stop inflicting incessant brain damage
In your pompous alien language
On your perspective I don’t rely
I have my own to gratify

Chained, locked up or in a handcuff
The walls aren’t tall enough
Unperturbed by your mindless chide
I dream with my eyes open wide

The class prepares to be brainwashed
As the verbatim harangue is lashed
In a quiet corner with an attentive pretense
My mind takes a leave of absence

1 comment:

buckwaasur said... floyd would be proud of ya... :-P

kickass pic to go with the poem... :-)