Thursday, October 14, 2004

In his image

There she lay
Light bouncing off her
She glows as he casts a glance
Dusky brown dreams unfold

It was as nature meant it to be
She gives he takes
He yearns
She yields

He coerces
She succumbs
He wants to delve deep
She bares and he explores

He digs deeper
She lays still
Sweating bodies
Foundations build

From her womb
The future arose
In his image
The building stands still

There is something about the construction zone that draws our minds to it. Nobody passes it unnoticed.
We see it grow from dirt to a spectacular structure of solidarity. Could it be the adulation of raising a child that we see in it? Or the awe of the metal giants, standing tall and hurling objects in the air. Do the cranes symbolize height and power?
It may be the earth’s womb being dug up and laid barren. It maybe the risk of a deep plunge the tiny man working on the eighteenth floor braves. It maybe the power man has over the cold steel mechanical giants that obey him at the push of a button. It maybe the primal appeal of labor, sweat and toil that the workers endure to fulfill this dream… united for a cause.
He came, he saw, he conquered. Then there arose formations of clay….in his image.


witnwisdumb said...

Good poem - your best so far, in my opinion (although I do believe you are far better at humour essays :P). The connection to Ayn Rand's 'Fountainhead' is quite obvious. That is a really good book, but it could have been better. And the hype about it is a bit excessive.

raghu said...

i cant get myself to agree with everything rand says.. but i agree with the backbone of the book.. commit to you job.. you must love your job.. and you must commit and accept the fact that you love it more than anything else in the world.. that acceptance and commitment gives raise to prioritizing.. which in turn forms the backbone of making decisions and people who make their own decisions are indeed obejectivists.

raghu said...

fountainhead inspires many a poem but i havn't had the guts to blog any.. dunno why but just no guts :S