Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reservation preservation

Living in a community
Enforcing equal opportunity
With the power of reservation
thought they started a revolution

Raking votes these politicians
Really became the morticians
Of a million dashed careers
A nation of blinded seers

Is this really a solution
Dissuading the resolution
Of the hard working mind
In the name of helping mankind


♪"~JungleJingles~"♪ said...

very true!.. completely agree with that, hey u shud put this up somewhere, as an issue... internet has quite a say here in india now..;-)

Versus said...

internet has quite a say here in india now..ahem ahem ..
crys, you r definitely better with prose .. :)

raghu said...

this is amazing.. i can't get myself to write poetry on situations ya..only time i wrote anything like this was one on dalits.. but then absolutely nothin else.. wow.. the only poetry i know to write is abstract and vague..open to amillion interpretations.