Monday, August 29, 2005

Rishyasringa (Part three)

Dad returns to find most of the chores unfinished.
Dad: "There better be a good explanation for the apparent slacking."
Rishyasringa : "Dad, I have been thinking I am old enough to get out on my own. You know explore the world, build my own cottage."
Dad roars with laughter: "Oh you are serious? Ahem...well, I am sorry son but your GPA clearly shows that you need to focus on your studies and believe me there is a lot of room for improvement."
Rishyasringa: "I am tired of being judged by you. I think I am quite capable of supporting myself by offering private tuitions alone."
Dad now suspicious at the sudden change in attitude, senses that this conversation has something more to it than his son was revealing.
Dad: "Alright son, whats going on here? I want you to first off walk in a straight line for me."
Rishyasringa:"I did not drink your happy potion dad!"
Dad: "Then what is it?"
Rishyasringa exhaling deeply: "I was studying as usual, for the surprise test that you hinted to last night. Suddenly out of nowhere, I was confronted by the most beautiful man I have seen. He made my heart race. I have never felt like this before specially in my happy place."
Dad: "Holy fuck. That was no man! That was a bitch. Either that or my son is a homo."
Eyes his son's pink robe suspiciously.
Rishyasringa:"Okay I can't make any sense of that sentence. First of all what is "fuck" and "homo"? And I am pretty sure that was no bitch, definitely Homo sapien, not Canis familiaris"
Dad asks the son to describe the man he saw.
Dad: "Look son, we need to talk"
Rishyasringa: "Its a little too late for that dad."
Dad:"Alright enough. Now listen to me carefully. That was no man that you saw. That was a woman... the most cunning creature you will meet. She will torture you, never be satisfied with all your efforts.... in short make your life a living hell."
Rishyasringa mumbles:"I don't really see the change of life style for me from what you describe."
Dad: "What was that?"
Rishyasringa:"What was what?"
Dad: "Now go, and work on your grades."
Rishyasringa:"But Daaaaad"
Booty squad eavesdropping.
Booty queen: "My my. Like what have we got here? Totally like a rebel who is well endowed."
Booty fool: "100% bootilicious in my book."
Booty squad: Hoot hoot.
Dad:"Thats the wierdest owl I have ever heard."

End of Part three

(To be continued...)


bottled-imp said...

loved reading all the parts... wtg... this series rocks!

De-Silva said...

Dearest Crystallika!

This dividing your ishtory into innumerable parts is depriving me of my booty sleep and driving me nuts! :-)

por favor, longer episodes would be appreciated! mucha gracias!


Fizo said...

ROTFL @ that's the weirdest owl I ever heard...crystal this keeps getting better n better...but yes I go with the request for longer parts :-D

Peppy said...

oops..was smart enough not to settle down with tea and sinful snacks this time [patting self's clever mind] but like, we can like have longer posts, that would be like sooo hot!

cheti said...

crys ..

this is getting better and better ....

buckwaasur said...

Dad: "Look son, we need to talk"
Rishyasringa: "Its a little too late for that dad."

ROTFL...that was priceless...loving this series so far...but yeah, slightly longer parts would be great...right now, each part ends before i have begun to enjoy it fully (wait a min...that may not be a bad strategy from ur pov :-P)

Crystal blur said...

All right all right...I will stop being lazy and write bigger posts. :)
(Sprinkles unholy water on everyone :p)

MotoRama said...

ROFL!i am getting hooked to the hoot hoot....