Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rishyasringa (Part two)

Booty Squad brainstorming in the strategy room.
Booty queen: "Okay lets like consider our options."
Booty fool: "As I see it we have only two options. Its either pink negligee or red thongs. I say we go with the thongs, they always work for me."
Booty queen: "Thats like a totally awesome idea. We can't go wrong with red. What say y'all?"
Booty squad: "Awesome!"
Armed with red thongs the Booty squad embarks on their quest.
Day 1:
Booty fool:"The blue skies, green forests, going into unchartered territories. Awesome."
Day 2:
Booty fool: "Are we there yet?"
Day 3:
Booty fool: "Are we there yet?"
Booty Queen: "If I hear that one more time I swear!!!"
After 4 days of constant whining and traveling , the near exhausted Booty squad finally reaches the hermitage.
Booty queen (getting off the horse):"My booty hurts like a mother."

After getting some Booty sleep, the Squad swiftly moves towards the hermitage.
Booty fool:"Holy cow Vibhandaka is hot! I could've sworn he doesn't look a day older than 20 years."
Booty queen: "Don't be silly. Thats his son, Rishyasringa. And girls we might be in luck. He looks home alone."
Booty fool: "Alright ladies, I am going in and he is going figuratively ofcourse"
Booty queen: "Remember, if Vibhandaka returns, we will warn you by giving the Booty call and you immediately head to safety. Got it?"
Booty fool: "Totally"
Meanwhile Rishyasringa has no idea that it might just be his lucky day. He is reading Chapter 10.2 for the fifth time and falling asleep when he hears a sweet voice.
Booty fool: "Well hello there"
Rishyasringa: Jaw dropped.
Booty fool: "I don't mean to interrupt whatever you were doing."
Rishyasringa: "Huh hullo. My name is Rishyasringa and you are the most beautiful man I've ever seen."
Booty fool giggles and then glances at the pile of books Rishyasringa was reading.
Rishyasringa: "I was just reviewing. Dad likes to give surprise tests and lately my GPA has been falling."
Booty fool: "I was never that good at studies.I wish I was as smart as you."
Rishyasringa: "Its not that difficult. I could give you some private tuitions if you'd like".
Booty fool: "Oh you are naughty".
Booty squad: "Hoot hooot."
Booty fool : God dammit booty call already?
Rishyasringa:"Thats the strangest owl I have heard"
Booty fool:"I got to go."
Rishyasringa:"Wait. I didn't get your name."
Booty fool hugs Rishyasringa and lightly kisses him on his cheek.
Booty fool:"I will see you soon I promise. Bye for now."
Rishyasringa is paralyzed with strange excitement as he sees Booty fool run away in slow motion.

End of Part Two

(To be continued...)


Doh said...

this is almost musical !
eamon and eminem combined ..
Im already thinking of a sequel :)

FunnyCide said...

This is kicking some really good ass!!

Very original and unmitigated kinkiness. :P

buckwaasur said...

ooh...and the phun continues... assam!! :-)

Crystal blur said...

Doh, Funny and Bucku
I am having loads of fun writing this as well.

Nachiketas said...

oh my god, this is some awesome tastily done sarcastic spoofing. The thing is, it does not really hurt religious sentiments.

Peppy said...

wha?? just when i was settling with tea and sinful eats..part three! and this series ROCKS!

Reshmi said...

hilarious stuff crys :D part 3 pls!

Crystal blur said...

Thanks, Nachiketas...and about the not hurting religious sentiments part, my lawyer told me, a disclaimer a day keeps trouble away.
Peppy...wondering what sinful eats you are indulging in.
Thanks Resh...will post part 3 is coming soon :).
-Cryssy the mythology spoofer.

Silent Melody said...


Part 3 jaldi , please.

Ardra said...

very funny- there is a movie in Malayalam based on this story- "Vyshali"
wating for the rest...

Crystal blur said...

Thanks SM and glad you enjoyed reading the series.

MotoRama said...

It's not crystallika anymore..Bootalika!I am enjoying this..lemme move on next one..