Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rishyasringa (Part four)

Meanwhile in Anga, at another boring meeting.
Courtier 1:"Do you know what this meeting is for?"
Courtier 2:"Nope, as usual I got the last minute pigeon. I mean how am I supposed to get any work done with these stupid meetings?"
Courtier 1:"All I know is that I am not being paid enough for all this overtime."
Courtier 3:"I heard that lately the Queen has been on King's case. You know, the whole...'you are getting out of shape and go to the gym' stuff."
Courtier 2:"Women! They are all the same."
Courtier 3:"So the King calls these 7 am meetings, even on weekends to get out of gym."
Courtier 2:"Why that fat ass."
King:"Alright minister, lets commence the meeting. Minister?"
Minister: Snoring
Courtier 5 taps on minister's shoulder.
Minister sleep talks: "Not tonight honey."
Courtier 5 shakes minister vigorously.
Minister wakes up and grins sheepishly.
King: "Whats the latest on Booty squad?"
Security advisor: "The last message said, the mouse has taken bait."
Dumbass:"Okay we got to focus here, we are talking about the squad progress not mice."
Security advisor (in a irritated tone):"Thats a code you moron."
Dumbass mumbles:"Whatever, jerk."
Minister: "Anyhoo, there is a problem that I foresee with the mission."
Smartass: Cough cough.
Minister: "Oh alright, Smartass thinks we need to figure out a way to escape the inevitable wrath of Vibhandaka."
King:"And why is Vibhandaka pissed?"
Minister:"Oh he will be, after his son betrays him and elopes with the Booty squad. On top of that his son is going to use Vibhandaka's connections in the water department. Our calculations show that there is a very high probability of shit hitting the fan."
Courtier 2: "What if Vibhandaka accidently dies a gruesome death?"
Smartass: "Thats too boring and predictable. In fact, I have a better idea."
Smartass narrates his plan.
King: "Well....alright. You do realise that if this does not work, its your ass on the line?"
Smartass: "Oh fuck, I didn't see that coming. Booty Queen was right, you never know how, when and where you might get screwed...and not in a good way."
King:"Talking about screwing, I gotta get going."

Back in the Jungle.
Booty Fool: "Its been 4 days and the old fart is not budging. I can't give Rishya a booty call if Dad does not leave the cottage."
Booty Queen: "Don't worry, I took care of it. Dad will totally leave the cottage today."
As if on cue, Vibhandaka hurriedly heads into the jungle.
Booty Squad:"Woah!"
Booty Queen: "Last night I added a little something to the happy potion."
Booty Fool:"What did you put in there?"
Booty Queen: "You don't want to go there girlfriend."
Booty Fool:"I have so much to learn from you Q."
Booty Queen: "Booty Fool, you can like kiss my ass later. Now be a bad girl and go seduce Rishya. This time take him somewhere away from the cottage."
Booty Fool:"Awesome, let me grab the red thongs and I will be on my way."
Booty Queen: "Alright, listen up bitches, as soon as the love birds hit the road we snoop around the cottage."
Booty squad: "Like what exactly are we looking for?"
Booty Queen: "I got a pigeon from Smartass with new mission orders. Here read them."
Booty squad gasps:"Like oh my gawd!! But how could that be?"
Booty Queen: "Men! They are all the same."

End of Part four.

(To be continued...)


bilbo said...

hehhehe, more more more

Reshmi said...

woo hoo! awaiting plan revelation! :D

Peppy said...

what could the plan B? :-p

Crystal blur said...

In the words of Booty Squad: "Like I can't believe it."
Its going to get very twisted.
Thanks guys!
-Crys :)

MotoRama said...

Vote for CCSL!Vote for CCSL!(what ? it is not a party ?)