Friday, June 05, 2009

Jane Wendell

Jane sat on the couch glancing out of the living room window. She felt much like the gloomy skies, dull and jaded. As always, things could be better and things could be worse.

The top story on the news today was about HIV positive men raping girls in Zimbabwe because they believed that having intercourse with a virgin would cure their disease. The youngest victim was reported to be a one month old baby. Was there anything at all that could’ve prevented this rape? Education, religion, faith? This man thought that it was okay to rape a one month old baby. What can anyone possibly say to this man to convince him that it is not okay to rape a baby? That it is not okay to rape anyone? Jane couldn’t think of one thing to say.

What is the solution then? Lock him up? For how long? What happens once he is released? Will he learn morality in prison? However, it is said that people can be reformed. Many find Jesus in prison. Nobody knows what crime Jesus committed.

There must be some law in Texas that would say “FRY ‘EM”. Many think it is not humane. That every motherfucker deserves a second chance. The tiger who mauled a zookeeper to death on May 27 in New Zealand was immediately shot to death. There was no room for debate. He turned on a human. The tiger deserved to die. He could not be reformed. It was the most humane thing to do.


Joy Forever said...

I, for one, support the death penalty. Everyone does not deserve a second chance, and definitely not a man who raped a one month old baby. If he wants to find Jesus, let him find him in the next world. We don't want him here.
As for the tiger, I wonder if he asked the authorities to shut him up in a zoo. I salute human(e) reasoning... We catch a wild animal habituated to hunt, shut him up in a cage to make a public spectacle out of him, and when he does what he knows best because some careless fool waddled too close, HE (the tiger) is the criminal and must be shot dead. Wah bhai wah! Maan gaye!

Drunken Master said...

What about Euthanasia then?

Aswin Ram said...

such odd people who do heinous crimes are nut cases. They should first get treatment from a good mental health specialist. Jesus christs and Mahatma Gandhis cannot always be there in jails. And no bastard has the right to terminate another from this world to the next or previous.

And then God said, "Let there be lights" and forgot to switch ON any.

Hazel said...

I liked the sarcasm how it finally hit at d end, about d taken-for-granted bias that comes to humans without hesitance.. since they r d most blessed and well-deserved species to win it all the time... well.. I always totally get angry n almost demoralized on these matters..nethin about tigers.. :(
well humans punish each other wid their dirty ways.. but wht about d other species.. wht hv they done! just coz u appear superior to them in ways? :(