Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chapter 11: RT How Yayati got his mojo back

I am now on twitter and following some interesting characters. Drop by to see what they are tweeting about.


Amey said...

I guess I am going to spend some months on web now, asking people to pay me royalty for this idea.

Payment from you: Finish the epi and the story quickly.

Crystal blur said...


Dammit! I didn't use the facebook format bcoz it has been done already. Now you are telling me you already did the twitter format...sigh!

Story will evolve as the characters tweet with each other over the week.

Amey said...

Don't worry. As you can see, mine was more theoretical, "proof of concept" if you will, while this is practical application.

Crystal blur said...


That's true...makes me feel a lil better :)

Drunken Master said...

So now I have to go on to $%^@in' twitter to read your Mahabharat saga? That is maha bull@($*&.

I've held out for sooo long....

Crystal blur said...


I have thought about my twitter virgin and twitterophobe readers and there are 2 options.

1) You do not need a twitter ID to follow the twitter feeds of any of the characters. If you go to my twitter page you will find a @ tweet for a character. From that character's page you will find another @ character tweet. All characters are would ofcourse have to figure out the sequence of tweets memento style.

For those of you who want to refrain from anything twitter there is option 2

2) After all the characters have finished tweeting this episode I will post a picture of the entire feed here on my blog. So twitterophobes will get the twitter action right here on my blog without ever having to twitter...isn't it twitterific! ;)

Drunken Master said...

Well it hasn't set my heart atwitter so I shall reserve judgement for now.

Amateur Blogger said...

Thanks for adding the # tags. Makes it easier to follow! :)

Crystal blur said...

It was suggested by Amalesh, so all credit goes to him :)

Vedang said...

@amey @crsytalblur

I _did_ take up the idea from your post and created some handles. Only, me being very shy, I didn't publicize. *sigh* I was kinda hoping no one else would come up with this idea! :P

Crystal blur said...


Haha...but I am very slow with my updates, plus your handles would have an entirely different you should develop it and let us know how it turned out.

Vedang said...

all right, so for anyone who's interested, here are some of my handles:

I'm slow on updates, but i'll try to make up for it over the weekends. If anyone has any comments/feedback/suggestions, feel free to contact me at vedang dot manerikar at gmail dot com.

pate said...

from where should i download yayati novel for free and if someone is having soft copy please mail me else mail me the link on

slarti said...

Call me old fashioned but please revive the blog.
I mean sure twitter is all nice and everything, and figuring it out memento style was fun, but this blog once consolidated might just be the greatest spoof, since Ron L Hubbard's work on scientology.