Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An ode to catdog

An orange ball of fur
Tip toes in the grass
Hunts with the passion
Of a big jungle cat

He thinks he is the king
of the ground he walks on
He looks like garfield
and acts like a dog

He walks me to school
and waits on me at dusk
He paws at the geckos
and then sniffs like a mutt

He is the best catdog
you will ever meet
But now he is lost
and wandering the streets

I hope he comes back home
I miss him a ton
Coz without the orange furball
its just not much fun

1 comment:

buckwaasur said...

hahaha...u had to choose puss in boots, didn't u? :-P

very close likeness to kc btw, :-)