Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The way

Won't you share the toxicity
Inject a shot of pain into me

Smouldering steadily your mind chars
Trade open wounds for some benign scars

Your dark demons you defend
One woman war until the end?

I know they have been unkind
Got you locked up in a sick mind

Bury the remains of the cold shattered God
Gather every drop of resilience and move on

Bare unto the warm light the venom frozen within
Like snow melting and trickling on the first day of spring

A monsoon of tears to wash away the mirth
Wild colorful blossoms soon impending birth

Fertilize the coming day with the ashes of the past
You don't have forever, peace follows at last

Grasp on today, tomorrow may not be
Be the warrior you are, not a refugee


buckwaasur said...

loved the pic in this post...reminds me of a cover pic from an alice in chains album which has the faces of the artists struggling to break through a sticky gooey restrictive membrane-like thingy... :-)

El enigma said...

liked this foto too :) did u shoot it or borrow it from somewhere?


♪"~JungleJingles~"♪ said...

buoy!...you are just brilliant at expressing in words.. cheers:-)