Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Want to extinguish the sun
Just for some selfish fun
Pluck away the stars for good
Just because it suits my mood

Forgot everything I learned
Something terrible I yearned
Betraying the beaten path
Baring unto a bitter wrath

Wasn't a choice I could make
Tried so hard to hesitate
Lately the way I see
Its all a skewed reality

The hell's bell will toll
As I quickly lose control
Willing to bet it all
I prepare for the fall

Ready to give up all I got
Without a concern or a doubt
A recluse from the humankind
Prisoner of a diseased mind

Whats this urge to self destruct
A penchant to not give a fuck
Hell bend to walk in reverse
Complying to my mind perverse

Defying everything that is real
To unearth what lies concealed
Maybe I failed to see
The angel I was meant to be

Orphaned by morality
Remorse a formality
Righteous Gods will frown
Disown me, put me down

Not welded by chastity
I submit to heresy
Brutal, deviant and ugly
The truth it sets me free


buckwaasur said...

oo la la...the babe with wings is hot... :-P

like i said earlier, this poem is ur best one yet. :-)

♪"~JungleJingles~"♪ said...

truely an excellent expression.. :)
havnt yet come across something so accurate to relate to..;-)
n yah!.. the Pic is superb..wher'dya find it?

Mercenary said...

Read your collection....
This is your masterpiece...Stands out both in content and the feeling which it is inteded to represent....
I have forwarded this to some saying its mine ( Although they dont believe I can be that brainy hehe :-))

reenaagrawal said...

U are such a good writer...
read ur mahabharata story....jus awesome...
and this poem...surely beats everything else that i read on ur blog...
Why dont u take up writing as a profession??
three cheers to u...and keep blogging

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

I usually don't read poems because they don't rhyme, and I don't know how a poem differs from prose if it doesn't rhyme.

This is just brilliant! ^:)^