Friday, January 13, 2006

The march of the penguins

Readers approach the blog site in the hopes of finding Chaper 7. Instead of Chapter 7, they find Crys standing besides the Madagascar penguins smiling and waving.
Reader (R 1): About time for Chapter 7…what the?
Readers do not look even slightly amused.
Madagascar penguin (MP): Just smile and wave…smile and wave.
Crys (grinning sheepishly): He he.
R 1: Where is G. Bappa? Why are you here with the penguins? You better have a good excuse for not posting Chapter 7.
C: I do. I mean I don’t. It’s not an excuse!
R 1: What is it Crys? You do or you don’t?
R 2: Yeah. What’s going on here? The last time I visited this site, instead of Chapter 7 you came up with a sarcastic WHO blog, which by the way seemed like an over reaction to a couple of harmless comments disliking your blog.
C: Oh no…that wasn’t directed towards those comments.
MP: R 2, looks like you haven’t heard about Blindspotview uncle and his crew who went ape shit over this series under the influence of sanctimonitis. The health advisory had to take some action. Follow the links in the WHO blog to read about efforts of other volunteers fighting sanctimonitis.
R 1: Lets not digress again. We are talking about Chapter 7… alright Crys, out with it.
C: Well…I had my committee meeting this week and I have some good news and some bad news.
R 3: This better not be one of your Kaiko insurance jokes.
C: Very funny. Anyhoo, the good news is that I will be graduating by the end of this summer. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will finally get my PhD and be a doctor…. Dr. Blur …(sigh).
R 4: PhD? You won’t be a real doctor then.
C (aggravated): Not a real doctor did you say?
R 2: There there Crys, don’t listen to them. But seriously, was that the good news?
C: Hey!
R 1: Stop it you guys. I say kudos Crys and good job. You will be a great doctor.
C: Gee thanks R 1.
R 1: You are very welcome dear. Now where is Chapter 7?
C: Hmph! Oh alright, that’s the bad news. I haven’t started working on it. I just have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Uh….why are you all looking at me like that. Are you alright? That vein in your head is really popping out now.
MP: Just smile and wave now.
C: I don’t think it’s going to work.
MP (slaps Crys): Don’t give me excuses give me results.
C: What did you do that for?
C gives MP threatening looks and starts rubbing her sore cheeks.
R 4: So now that you are done with your meeting, should we expect to see the next chapter already?
C: With my dissertation writing and research I can’t be certain. Stay tuned is all I can say. You will surely bear with me while I get my degree right. Hey where are you guys going?
Readers smile and wave.


witnwisdumb said...

You surely know how to create suspense. I'll be waiting right here, sitting on the edge of my chair.

anthony said...

All the best for your dissertations, and my congratulations in advance, Dr. Blur.

Anonymous said...

you sure know how to "doctor" the Mahabharata...
I award thee the title of "Doctor Blur".
Now out with the next chapter! :-D

Actually, I understand... best of luck with your dissertations. When you publish this series as a book, the "Dr." in the author's name will definetely make it more .... authentic? :-P

Somshubhra said...

R5: Hmmph, I will wait, but it better not be for too long!

On a more serious note, all the best!

parikrama said...

Ooi crystal.. u too sold out to the system ?? Bolo kitne paise liye tumne Penguin Publications se ?? Don't u underestimate our ability to read between the lines.. that I have that bit off my shoulder,I think this series must be eating up too much of Ur free time.. what with the phenomenal fan following this series got.. To do justice to that sort of fan base..U need whole lotta precious time..

Good luck for Ur Doctarii.. It was fun while it lasted.. Hope u will continue after U get out of that dark tunnel..

Anek Shubh-Aaashirwaad

Saturday Night Takeout said...

RSS zindabad.

Um, no, not the BJP flavoured one. I meant the XML type... yet the saffron icon looks vaguely familiar.

(Waves back)

PS- For the record, I had to type 'xddtz' just to post this comment. Just goes to show how much I love you.

Um, no, not that kind of 'love'. I meant the... aaah, forget it. Later, CB.

♪"~JungleJingles~"♪ said...

yeah Crys..good goin..people are sure waiting here for the next chpt!..curiosity kills d crow..or is it the cow?..:P whtevs..

bilbo said...

hey crys
congrats on the good new. And good luck with the writing and defending.

cheti said...

awwwweeee ..... Change the channel pls ...

(.. all the best crys) ..

Ambuj Saxena said...

You are graduating and getting a doctorate simultaneously. Which degree is this?

Rajesh J Advani said...

All the best for your PhD!

Well, okay take your time for Chapter 7, but please keep writing until then! You're hilarious!

Fleiger said...

Why penguins suddenly, doc? Are you going to submit thesis on Aptenodytes forsteri or are you trying to draw some parallels between the flightless birds and graduate studies?

Anyways, Ganapatibappa would be happy with you. after all, he is God of Knowledge, which may mean degrees :D

Best luck for your thesis and keep 'em coming...

HutumpaNcha said...

You're right dashed my hopes yet again as indeed I came back looking for C7. Hope it is not writers block, have heard all big and mighty have fallen victims to it. And if it is the case of being sold out to the Penguins, Congratulations Dr Blurrr

Dinesh said...

Yesterday, I watched "Malegaonke Karan Arjun". You must see this whole series of Malegaon movies.. Thet are few spoofs of original movies, as great as your Mahabharata spoofs..

freespirit said...

awwww....c'mon Dr.B, this is like watching non stop reruns of Friends! I've read and re read everything on this blog and there is no Chapter 7 yet. Pretty pleeaaassse....Give us the C 7!

Tachyoson said...

hey Crys ... i, for one , find it worth waiting for ...
only do come back after PhDom.

dont go running down the pebbly strand screaming "walalawookoowookoo" and playing tag with MP's :)

all the best for those big Tomes :)

Anoop Saha said...

write. write the mahabharata. or else!! your phd thesis won't give you money or joy to a million hearts. anyways, i do wish that you finish that thesis fast and well.

and please please remove that word verification thing which asks me to type 'mgzknyhm' in a textbox. So what if you get some spam comments? they are better than sanctimonitis..

Animesh said...

Hey crys,
Please resume posting.. I know this grad life can be taxing [working on my quals proposal as I type :D], but there are loads of people waiting for ur updates.

Also, just FYI, I bought a Mahabharat, by C. Rajagopalachari [your source] in my recent trip to the motherland and you get the credit for the deed :-).

Keep em coming.. I know you want to :-).

best wishes,

tabs said...

i have read all your mythological posts and they were fun!

Krishna said...

"May the force(Ganapati?!) be with you." for your PhD dissertations and most importantly for.. (you know what that is)..
On your return, if you happen to see (lotsa crowd will be there) a placard "Dr.Blur", then that is me..

Spider! said...

crystal crytal on the wall , whose the best blogger of em all ?
yo, you got my full attention now. I got one of your blogs in an email forward and it was so gripping ( i guess it must be the cofee on my keyboard) that I couldnt resist( read as desist) from dropping ya an comment. I needed your permission to post of of yer blog to mine ... please please (pretty please with suga on top) drop me an email at .. :)

Kele Panchu said...

Good luck! You don't have to worry a bit when you've got all the tips from Vyasa and I think Ganeshji has already blessed you with his holly trunk!

Crystal blur said...

I see you have scoured through all my blogs :) thanks for all the encouraging comments.

Thanks in advance too :)

null bit,
I never thought about that...$$$ ...har har har (eveel laff).

I knew you would understand :)

Madagascar penguins: We've been ratted out boys!

Ah! Who knew RSS would support my cause. Loving all the not that kind of love you send my way.

Thanks for your comments on my poems and other posts.
P.S. The cat that died.

thanks buddy.

ouch! (danke)


thanks, I hope to continue writing small posts or even chapter 7 when I take breaks from studies.

i think parikrama has a great conspiracy theory there. and I certainly hope g. bappa stands by me during these trying times :)

i assure you its not the block...whether its the penguins..time will tell...(hint: its not the penguins)

I've never ever seen the malegaon movies...thought it would be too cheesy. Is it like the Rin ek do teen. I loved that show. It was hilarious....Sholay was Choley and Mera gaon mera des was mera gown mera dress...cracking up.

Hehe...well I'm going to quiz you and if you don't get this right you will have to read them again...who is Vyasa's advisor?

You can't blame me for running down the pebbly strand screaming "walalawookoowookoo" and playing tag with MP's...but I promise to continue this series after I do precisely that.

Pahele pate pooja fir bappa moriya.
As far as word verification don't love me like saturdaynighttakeout and thats why you said that :( fellow sufferer,
I certainly hope you have found your way to
I think you might enjoy reading Mahabharata by Rajaji but it skips a lot of stories which I had to dig online. Will let you know if I find a better resource.

Thanks loa...I'm glad you had fun reading.

I shall look for you in the crowds...incidently the next chapter may be about the birth of Krishna.

Nice rhyme there :) As I have mentioned in my burning Qs post, you can add a link to my blog on your blogsite or quote a couple of lines and credit me. But please don't post my entire blog. Thanks in advance for recommending me :)

kele panchu,
hey long time no comment :)Nice to hear from you and thanks for the wishes.

Over and out,
Crystallika :)

Voice Within said...

Abbb bhi nahin hua? Jaldi thesis likhko aur chapter 7 bhi...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :-)
Its like you favourite serial on tv being held up for weeks....

justrohin said...

got introduced to this blog yesterday by a friend of mine.. u r gaining real popularity and its right too.. Liked ur writing style and chucked my work and read all the mahabharata series in one go wont say waiting for 7 as that is understood rather would say 7 or no 7 keep on writing thats all that matters.. Enjoy

Pundarikaksha Purakayastha said...

waiting....for the next despatch from the elephant god. do get your thesis out of the way soon, and good luck!

cloud9ine said...

You shud prob make chap 7 a chapter of your dissertation, so you won't end up feeling guilty over spending time on it. And then we get stuff sooner too! And yes, that should also lift the mood @ ur defense with a couple slides dedicated..