Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First 6-string

Are there any guitar players in the house? If so, can you give me some suggestions on what kind of guitar I should buy as a novice? Never played a guitar in my life and I am not going to let that fly. I am going to buy a guitar for meself as a graduation gift.

Can't wait!


Paladin said...

Best place to look for a Guitar

I bought an acoustic for 50 bucks! Good for a newbies!
(price a bit up now)

You'll need a tuner ...

... and some picks to get going!
(Black Pearl Thin)

mazhalai said...

i got this for my husband's birthday
wish he had the time to learn+play


dodo said...

Based on some research, and guidance from my roommate (he plays the guitar really well), I got this a couple of months ago. It is somewhat true that playing the electric is easier than playing the acoustic when you are learning. But it also depends on the kind of music you wanna play. Acoustic is more suited for the classical stuff. Electric can be used to experiment a bit more.

I've been learning on and off for a while, and am happy with the guitar.

But you should be prepared for some pain and frustration :). The theory is not very difficult to understand, but it takes a lot of practice to play something good. It really helps if someone knowledgeable can give you feedback.

If you want I can point you to the resources that I've been using.

Happy strumming, and good luck!

Crystal blur said...

Paladin and mazhalai,
Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the site both of you recommended has some great deals.

I was about to ask whether the choice between acoustic and electric was a matter of taste or difficulty.

But crime master dodo solved the case before I could ask the Q. Dodoji...aap to antaryami hai, swami hai...

I am excited! Can't wait to graduate.

dodo said...

Arey, aapne pehchaanne mein der laga di. Bachpan mein jab aap rothi thi tho kisine aapko mere kissey/kaarnamey nahi sunaaye the kya?

You graduating in fall?

Crystal blur said...

Kissey kahaniya to suni thi lekin dekhna dikhana hua nahi na. Aur aap to master of disguise ho. Humari aankhen dhoka kha gayi.

Yes...this fall I shall graduate (phew!)

Saltwater Blues said...

As someone who's been playing for many years (and completely self taught I should add :)) my advice would be to first borrow somebody's guitar and see how you like it. I've taught lots of people who played for a couple of months and then quit!

But if you do want to buy one, go with somebody who knows how to play otehrwise you'll end up buying rubbish. Btw, I've seen some Chinese made guitars that are very good (and reasonably priced - around 3 grand).

But if you're getting one for 50 bucks as Paladin says (wow!) then nothing like it.

Saltwater Blues said...

oh and this is someting I recorded some time ago - nothing great .. very crude. (this is with a 12-string acoustic)


another brick in the wall said...

start with an acoustic and then graduate on to electric was my tutor's advice 2 me.. go alongwith soemone who knows wat 2 look for in a guitar whn u buy it... as SWB suggested.. borrowing is the best bet.. so u kno firstly if u hav the patience 2 continue cz 3 of my pals started n quit on it cz it really needs hell lotta patience man! about the tuner thingey.. if u are a lazyass like me i'll fwd u this s'ware tht i've been using to tune my baby.. so tht shudnt be a prob.. jst connect the mic n place ur guitar in front of it n lo! u kno how much 2 tighten n loosen the strings... but ths acco 2 my tutor again is not adivisable as thn u dont give ur ears a chance 2 train thmselves.. but whn u r on ur own.. ths i feel is the best bet.. ah crap.. who has tht much patience anyway :P.. also hav got soem chord makin s'ware.. so u neednt hav 2 look for chord formations all the time.. but thts whn u get down 2 playing songs.. plus theres ths thing called s'ware viz. "guitar pro" which helps finding the tabs for the songs.. but thn all ths once u buy a guitar n start :) .. so yeah.. i'll help u with all the lazy ass methods once u get the guitar.. so the impatient u still hangs in there :P (assumptions again i know :))... anycase.. hope it helps!

Crystal blur said...

I will try to find a guitar player to tag along with me when I go shopping. I listened to your recording...sounds pretty good. How old were you when you started playing? I ask bcoz I have been told that you have to start pretty young to pick up musical instruments (as with other skills I guess).

Shortcuts sound good :) Learning chords are for losers ;) says the CNN report "How to be a guitar god" (http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/10/02/shortcuts.guitar/index.html). I should be contacting you in December.

Deepak Morris said...

I know at least one person (and have read of several more) who began learning a musical instrument well after 60 and did a pretty decent job of it.

Well, maybe they discovered their gift late in life. Just bunging that in there so you don't give up when members of family and immediate friend-circle roll their eyes as you play "Shoo Fly" for the umpty-umptieth time.


Crystal blur said...

This summer I went skiing in Colorado and I learned some important lessons there. Never be embarassed or in fear of falling on your ass (literally in the case of skiing)and unless you try you will never know what could be. I had a blast there once I stopped worrying about how stupid I looked on the ski slope as 4 year old kids zoomed by me gracefully. It turned out I could pick up skiing in 4 hours. Not to compare skiing with guitar playing or saying that I am old ;) but I will not let people discourage me. Plus if I suck I will still have the advantage of annoying T-rex (insert evil luagh). Failing miserable will have its own perks. So its a win-win situation.

Paladin said...

Oh one more thing... You may want to refer this website to learn strumming some songs quickly. (you know, like skipping theory ;) )

Crystal blur said...

Thats what I am talking about :) I know that learning the guitar is going to let me appreciate the complexity and skills of the musicians better than I ever did.

another brick in the wall said...

anytime crys :).. good luck (y).. (damn they dont hav emoticons here)

Rahul said...

Go to the store and pick one that sounds right for you... You gotta bond with your guitar in order to play it beyond the 10th day...