Sunday, October 08, 2006


Me here,
You there,
Earth wide.


dodo said...

I am very bored,
My brain is getting number,
It is raining.


My Haikus are bad,
But I can't stop writing them,
It is still raining.

Crystal blur said...

Haiku for Dodo,

Grey gloomy clouds
Gloomy grey matter
Mind over matter

IdeaSmith said...

Love it. You might start the next big thing on the blogsphere after 55-worders.

Murga said...

earth rain wind
day night hot cold
girl boy only pain

Kausum said...

Bright Sunny Day
Grey Matter still gloomy
Lab does not permit Sun!

Indian Curry said...

the rain is wet
the sun is dry
i wonder why ;-p

Crystal blur said...

Come on then, what are you waiting for? If you can't beat them join them. :)

Girl meets boy
Girl super hot
Boy cold showers

Overworked lab rat
Spinning the wheel
In a gloomy cage

dodo said...

Here's one from the geek :) :

Monday morning blues,
It sucks to work on Windows,
Linux gives me bliss.


With blurred vision,
Going forward for a surprise,
On fog covered roads.

Crystal blur said...

Wah wah kya baat hai...wait a minute...sun is dry? Correction...Pluto is cold, Sun is hot...


Upside down cake
Falls upside down
Upside down no more

Indian Curry said...

Sun is dry maane.. "here comes the sun" (after the rain)... and pluto is out of the s.s anyways :(

Pluto is cold
Mars is red,
I'm going to bed... (snore)

Kausum said...

Pluto screams out
This is discrmination
Others sneer - Get out little fella

Indian Curry said...

little pluto gives a sob
a lovely title
now that is robbed!!!

Crystal blur said...

Arrey Panay...soyaa nahi kya? So ja so ja nahi to Dodo aajaayega :p

Pranay still awake
Dodo pulls out eyes
Plays marbles with eye balls

dodo said...

Yeh main beach mein kahan se aaya? Mujhe tho swimming bhi itni achi tarah se nahi aati :(.
Yeh nnyaay nahin annyaay hain! Iska jawaab Karan+Arjun denge, in next janam.

Crys pulling Dodo's leg,
Dodo yells Rakhi's dialogue,
OMG Run, it's Rakhi!

Aur haan, yeh photo mein aapke haath kiske khoon se lathpath hain? Bachhalog are getting very scared here.

Kausum said...

Roles Reversal here
Basanti (CB) transforms to Gabbar
Jay (Pranay) transforms into Kaaliya

Numbskull said...

Blog a lot on Blogspot..
Scrap attack on orkut,
Trying to rhyme
Its all a Waste of Time!

Indian Curry said...

pranay woke up in his dream
his eyes watching him from far
his hands weilding a gun....

blink blink blink...

Murga said...

hot from heat
cold from cold
english not fair

garam garmi se
thanda thandi se
hindi hi badia