Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Espelling kaantest

I don’t know if any of you caught the preliminary round of Scripps spelling bee 2009 today but it was totally bizarre.

Here are some excerpts from the proceedings:

Moderator: Tea-is-spoon
Nerd 1: Teaspoon?
Moderator: Tea-is-spoon
Nerd 1: Can I have the definition please?
Moderator: You need the definison to ispell tea-is-spoon? You are kidding me.
Nerd 1: Tea-is-spoon…T-E-A-I
Moderator: I in tea-is-spoon…kaha kaha se chale aate hai. Nekayst.
Nerd 2 awaits the word.
Moderator: Meliority
Nerd 2: Are there any alternate pronunciations?
Moderator: Yes, the Chinese pronunciation is meriolity.
Nerd 2: Okay umm, M-E-R…no wait L
Moderator: Nekayst. Your word is Jaa-lay-pee-no
Nerd 3: Do you mean Ha-le-pi-no?
Moderator: No, there is a J in the beginning. Oh I see what you did there…very smarut.
Nerd 3: J-A-L-A-P-E-N-O
Moderator: Okay, okay, nekayst. Your word is Tuh-choch-kee
Nerd 4: May I have the language of origin.
Moderator: All the words are in English. Kya kya sawaal puchte hai.
Nerd 4: Can you use it in a sentence please?
Moderator: Yes, you need to espell tuh-choch-kee correctly in order to compete in the nekayst round.
Nerd 4: Tchotchke…T-C-H-O-T-C-H-K-E
Moderator: Bhai wah! Nekayst. Your word is cunnilingus.
Nerd 5: May I have the definition please.
Moderator: Hey bhagvan! You will have to ask your mummy and daddy what it means.
Nerd 5: Can I ask them now?
Moderator: You have 30 seconds to spell.
Nerd 5: Uh, this was not in the study list.
Moderator: Nekayst.
Don't miss the finals on 28 May 2009 on ABC at 8P/7C


Amey said...

HEY.... Where's the spoiler alert? ;)

eye-in-sty-in said...


AG said...

Pls include the actual words so that nerds like me can understand.

Drunken Master said...

Moderator: What is 5 times 4?
Nerd X: Huh. Do I spell that?
Moderator: Fataak! Naykust

Crystal blur said...

Spoiler alert! There ;p

You're very welcome :)

Haha! Which ones? All the correct spellings are in the post.

LOL @ Fataak. Nothing like a good old spanking.

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

ROFL@alternate pronunciation of meliority =))

Crystal blur said...


Fellow racist...I kid :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

so did u watch? did you watch it?

the favourite won, but I really wanted to see Neetu move ahead! She was the only kid kid in the show! rest were acting like adults! And the prize money of 30K was way toooooooo less for the amount of work that has to be put in! Even silly game shows give out more than that in a month! They could at the very least go to 6 figures!

Crystal blur said...


I totally agree with you, they should strive to get bigger prize money. I had seen a documentary on scrabble competitions in the US and it showed how difficult it is to get these contests some national publicity. If only nerds ruled the world!

I can't believe that Aishwarya misspelled menhir...Asterix comics...hello! Poor Americans kids...they don't have access to Asterix and Tintin.

eye-in-sty-in said...

I know, right? Its the nerds that help everyone else earn money! I totally loved the competition!!

Poor Aishwarya, only if she had read the comics. That 1 kid, whats-his-name was acting so fake. His comic act was cute once, but then he started trying to look for comedy in the contest, he totally blew! Tom Burgeron even calld him a natural. Yea right!

Neetu was the one who was a natural! She had such an effervescent personality. I felt she was the one who was a natural and was acting her age.

Did you see how much pressure Kavya was under just before she went for the last word? As soon as the moderator said the word, she knew she had it! And then she composed herself and double checks just to be extra sure! True champion material she was!! Who was your favourite?

Crystal blur said...


Yeah, the guy who was trying to be funny was a lil bit annoying at times but at least he was having fun. I guess I admire kids/adults with such personalities which allows them to have fun no matter what. I wish I could be like that...I'm such a stress ball. I felt bad for the kids who would burst out crying when they got eliminated. :( :(

Since all of them had worked so hard I didn't really have any favorites. Although the nonchalant Chinese kid was the most adorable!!

And yeah, when Kavya was spelling the last word I was worried that she was going to misspell it because she looked so overwhelmed with emotions. Glad she won...and her lil sister was so adorable! The 2 sisters reminded me of the 2 sisters in Totoro...very sweet kids.

eye-in-sty-in said...

He would have been adorable if he was JUST trying to have fun. He got annoying when he was tryign to go for the overkill... Thats why I liked Neetu better. Cute smile and she was having fun, even at her own expense. But its not like they are 30, they are just 13... they are all kids... so its ok I guess.

Even I was a bit tensed when Kavya took stage for the last word. That was the only time the nerves showed on her face when she was in front of the mike... Other times she was nervous when she was waiting on her seat after the guy got eliminated (Sidharth Chand). Perhaps she was thinking the thing that happened to her biggest rival could happen to her too...

totoro? is that a movie?

PS: Can you remove the word verification from the comments? Its a minor irritant. Today I had to enter "sumbra" - Makes me feel inferior coz I dont even know what it means :-D

Crystal blur said...


Yes indeed...the name of the movie is "My neighbor Totoro".

Sorry, can't remove the word verification bcoz otherwise I get a lot of spam comments. On the brighter side you will enrich your vocab with words like sumbra ;)

Sameer said...

hahaha.. this post is hilarious!

Vedang said...

@crystal @eisi
word verification occurs via a captcha; which is generally just a random collection of alphabets. The words aren't actual english language words.

sorry, the geek nazi in me just couldn't resist!

Crystal blur said...


Sshhhh, don't spoil it...EISI was just about to open the dictionary.

eye-in-sty-in said...

yep.... Crystal's right.. I was about to open the dictionary and throw it at her! :P