Saturday, September 16, 2006

A silly rhyme

I lay awake in my bed
Loud pounding in my head
Thirsty for a peaceful night
Bloodshot eyes shut awfully tight

T-rex happily jumping still
Thoughts of choking, slap and kill (it's the sleep deprivation)
My head hatches an evil plan
Could I bake him into a flan

Or a tranquilizer in his butt perhaps
Or a little brake failure mishap
Voices echoing in my head
T-rex for heaven's sakes go to bed!


alias Fleiger said...

The T-Rexes still going on strong, huh? Tell them they are supposed to have gone extinct some years ago (like million or so). There was actually a PC game where you go to something like Jurassic Planet and hunt dinos. I am searching for it, and if I get it will send it across. It should be a great stress-buster. The T-Rex jumps on your head, get a gun out and shoot one to add to your trophy room (You have a big room in the game, where all your trophies are stored).

Now I know what can we get you for X'mas (apart from white noise machine)...

Crystal blur said...

The thought of a T-rex trophy room was therapeutically relaxing.

Yippee...I am getting presents!

Joy Forever said...

Ha ha nice poem...have you seen this?

sun4none said...

oh man.. tht "fucker"'s still not gone! haha.. sorry crys.. i know it's gotta be miserable pour toi.. but i jst cant stop laughing.. some scenes playing in my head.. man! hahaha! :P

Kausum said...

Been a long time since I checked your blog. Catching up with all your posts. So dissertation done I guess, Dr. Crys!

Crystal blur said...

I should get one of those and paste it on the door upstairs.

Hasso hasso...yahaa hamari ratoon ki neend haraam ho rahi hai. But either she-rex is not into him anymore or they are going through a slump phase as the humping sounds have reached an all time low (thank god). But the mid-night strolls continue.

Yup, I remember you were one of the usual suspects :) Welcome back. I am not a doc yet, am writing my thesis. Since I am on the PC all the time the blog is being updated much more frequently. Will defend in nov.

sun4none said...

oh man... tera nazar lag gaya usko crys.. now even he ain't gettin any! :S

Crystal blur said...

EVEN he? Now there are a lot of assumptions here aren't there? :)

sun4none said...

oh crap.. i need to watch my words :P

Kausum said...

Same here. Me too defending in Nov. Writing a thesis is tedious and boring.