Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Those were the days (whine mode)

They say as kids you wish you were like your mom/dad, as teenagers don't want to be anything like them, and as adults end up exactly like them.
I always used to say I would never say some of things that I heard a hundred times growing up. For example I thought I would never say, "When I saw you the last time you were a little baby. You have grown so tall. Time just flew by eh?". I used to get that all the time as a kid and had grown sick of hearing that. Now ofcourse when I go back to India and see my friend's kids after a year, those very words come out of my mouth.
The other classic expression that I swore I would never use was 'those were the days' because that was something my dad would say all the time. "We could buy such and such for just X amount. Todays generation has no value for money". But when I see little kids today with their Playstations and X-boxes...I just have three words for todays little bastards.
As far as video games go, my brother and I used to play Mario, mortal combat and street fighters with our four little red, blue, green and yellow buttons. One look at today's game controllers and I am scared to even try them. How many fingers do kids have nowadays? The controllers look like some mission control board to Mars.

Then there is TV. I didn't have one until I was about 8 years old. Growing up there were two channels on TV to choose from. DD1 and DD2. I still remember the anticipation for cartoons on TV every week. I would literally watch the clock when it was about time to watch He-man, Giant Robot, Fraggle Rock and ofcourse Disney hours on Sunday. I used to be so mad when they would cancel Disney hour for some cricket match. The kids today can watch cartoons day and night if they wish...again...those little bastards.
The other day I was thinking about the red bottle of Joker paste I used to glue stuff and when I ran out, I would use over-cooked rice to glue stuff. I bet todays kids wouldn't know what to do when they ran out of glue :p Okay they would just go buy another bottle, or use sticky tape or staple it, but my point is...okay there is no point here.
Anyhoo, I was rummaging around on You Tube and lo and behold I found an old DD animation. It felt like finding a lost memory from childhood. So I had to share it with you because I know you would be as excited to see it as I was. So here it is.

Ramble on,


dodo said...

You brought back some old memories :). Do you know about that show in which the characters would digitally transfer themselves over wires, and fight the monsters in the digital world. DD2 used to show some really good stuff. I guess it is just 'krap' now.
'Those were the days' makes me feel so old :(.

Drunken Master said...

The age of innocence, the good old days, where I would actually look forward to getting out of the house to play. Now I get burned on Madden by blanched, hyperactive, high-on-soda kids who don't know how to throw/kick/catch a ball everytime I visit.

I feel old even at my age, but feel I've had a better time in my childhood and try to get out and run in the fields as much as I can, when I'm not at the bar that is.

Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Crystal blur said...

Ah! Are you talking about power rangers? I even watched this cheesy cartoon called Gayab Aaya. :)

♪"~JungleJingles~"♪ said...

oh yah!..gayab aaya..:)
potli baba ki tooo.. many such weekend attractions..

Murga said...

Chirahaar and weekendmovie split into two days. Come lecetion time it was bonanza glued to the tube.
And now watching the kids glued bastards!!!! Is it fair? But then world is never fair.

sun4none said...

ohh crys.. those were the days! laurel hardy.. charlie chaplin... thn dd2 started airing the fairy tales! i used 2 so so wait for that! thn yesss... Gayab Aaya rocked somehow :S.. (i pronounced it as gayabaya and never understood wat tht meant :S)..thn there was shazaam, superman, spiderman, mowgli!!!! yeah man! those were the days!!