Sunday, September 24, 2006

Test your Hinglish gyaan

So you think you can speak Hinglish? Try answering the following Qs.
1) Location, Churchgate station.
Asked by: Phool wali
Q: Silo hai kya?
2) Location, Andheri rickshaw traffic signal
Asked by: Eunuch
Q: Ang ang ka hai, chahiye kya? (Points at coin)


Fleiger said...

Ouch... stumped. Any hints??

Crystal blur said...

The hints are in the other info given about the person, place etc.

nku said...

First is easy. Answer would be - "Nope, fast" or "Yes".

Second, blocked as of now.

Sameer said...

1. phool wali is wondering if the approaching train is a 'slow' local?
2. no idea :)

parikrama said...

First one is easy.. the phoolwaali is asking whether there "Therez a slow train" ( Slow = Silo )..

2nd one got me stumped, just guessing.. perhaps the "trithiy-panthi" fella is asking for change ??

Crystal blur said...

All of you got the first one. Second one was a little challenging for me as well. Thankfully my bro happened to be there too and he figured it out. I will post the answer tomorrow.

AK said...

Second one: Was the eunuch trying to sell you a coin from Hong Kong? :)

Crystal blur said...

And the winner is AK (applause)

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

Damn I just figured it out. But someone already gave the answers out... :(