Monday, August 21, 2006

G. Bappa drinks milk

Santa: Hey G! What's wrong? You don't look so good.
Ganpati: I've been binge drinking milk in India. If I have to drink one more glass of milk...
Santa: Ah!Been there done that every friggin year. 3 more months and I will not see the end of milk and cookies. I go on a 'milk and milk related products' free diet for the rest of the year man.

Both check out their tummies in the mirror.

Ganpati: Those bastards! Sometimes I wish I was lactose intolerant.
Santa: This time the joke is on them. I got everybody "Fuck milk got beer?" t-shirts.


cheti said...


Ashu M said...

Give us Mor(e),Ya?

SID said...

Wonderful so nice to see ur back and that too in top form!
Really missed this blog

Crystal blur said...

Good to see you :)

You are becoming quite the PUNdit. Always fun to hear from you.

Thanks. I am just hoping that my humor does not get nerdier by the day as I write my thesis :)

Cruel Intentions said...

Hey Hey, how about the one on a water fountain tree?