Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Once upon a time (a not so grim tale)

(Disclaimer: Any coincidences are purely coincidental)

Once upon a time in the mystical woods there lived a lonely duck. The poor duck had the curse of intellect and could not help but analyze everything to death. The duck realized that it was different from the other ducks at an early age. While the other ducklings went clubbing or read romantic novels, the lonely duckling thought about the mysteries of the universe or read about the art of Zen. The duck thought that all the intriguing black holes were in outer space.

But it wasn’t as grim as the lonely duck made it out to be. All the reading and pondering had paved a dazzling career path for it. The duck owned a cozy pad in the mystical forest and had a cool ride. To top it off the duck had great stock options and had some nifty dance moves. But alas all this was not enough as it longed for the company of another duck. The duck seeked a companion who could hold up a conversation and share a few laughs while cruising in the pond on a lazy moonlit night. Was it too much to ask for a duck with an IQ greater than a bucket of rocks?

It turned out yes it was too much to ask for. It was a long quest that the duck endured when it went looking for its soul mate. From bar pick ups to online dating yonder it went to find the love of its life. The duck met a few who wanted riches. The duck met others who were just lonely. But alas loneliness can’t kill loneliness. So the duck moved on looking for love and companionship.

Finally when the duck was all out of hope and ready to give up love came its way as unexpectedly as it always does. The duck fell in love with a brilliant arty duck named Roberto. (Shame on all of those who assumed the lonely duck was male). Roberto was a painter and painted the lonely ducks eyes day and night. The lonely duck had the most beautiful eyes Roberto had ever seen. The lonely duck could not believe that it was now a not so lonely duck at last. Roberto and the not so lonely duck were head over heels in love.

After a month of basking in love the not so lonely duck and Roberto realized that their career paths and lifestyles had nothing in common. The not so lonely duck missed the mystical forest and finally they decided to breakup and return to their homes for good. The two decided to remain friends and thanks to free long distance night and weekend minutes they chatted everyday. The lonely again duck finally came to terms with life and settled for a bigger house with a plasma screen TV with a private pool and lived as a wee bit lonely duck ever after.

-The end-
P.S. : This was an old post from a couple of years ago that I had not published on this blog.


Fleiger said...

You had to make that a sad ending... sob...

Anyways, a plasma TV and private pool is a nice compromise... with a Porsche thrown in, it is even better.

Kundan Kumar Lucky said...

Tumse Bichhade Hain To Ab Kis Se Milaati Hai Humein
Zindagi Dekhiye Kya Rang Dikhaati Hai Humein

All the best to the 'lonely again' duck.

Ekta said...

awww...why such a sad ending...theres someone for everyone..just a matter of time!

Crystal blur said...

Hey Fleiger,
My bad...porsche is definitely in order :)

Beautiful lines there. I will pass on the wishes to the wee bit lonely duck ;)

I was hoping that the ending won't be perceived as a sad one. Whether the ducky finds someone or not I think she is going to be alright :)

Kundan Kumar Lucky said...

Thanks for the compliment. They are from a favourite movie, 'Umrao Jaan' (by Shaharyar). Well sung by Asha Tayi and put to music by Khayyam Sahib.

BTW, when do we get the next dose of Mahabharata Stories? Waiting *religiously*.


Mukul said...

The lonely duck is not alone.

There are insulting numbers of lonely duck around. Alas! They never meet, much less swim together.

Anyways, so many posts in quick succession, ab kisi Pauraanik Granth ki koi katha bhi chhapiye....


parikrama said...

ROTFLMAO @ The duck thought that all the intriguing black holes were in outer space..

Was relieved after reading the postscript that this was an old post.. (Its a great one none the less, enjoyed reading it).

Atrakasya said...

Thank God you mentioned that it was an old post - I was beginning to get worried as I read it!

El enigma said...

ya, I remember this post from sulekha :)