Friday, August 25, 2006


Nina Paley very aptly describes herself as "America's best-loved unknown cartoonist". I guess many of you are familiar with her work. I discovered her website just yesterday and I had to blog about her. She is a professional animator and all her projects are a one woman show. That means she is the writer, director, producer and everything that goes into the making of the animation.

She discovered Ramayana on her visit to India and was inspired to retell the mythological story in Sita's perspective with a Western twist.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did:

Chapter 1: Dandaka Dharma

For Chapter 2-5 you can go here

To learn more about Nina or view other animations by her visit website


parikrama said...

LOL @ "Daddy won't yu plz come home"... the music is quite funky Crys, Thanx for sharing.

Fleiger said...

That was a very interesting story (I am not talking about actual Ramayana, but the way it is told). The quality of cartoons, songs and all is very good.

Although the "Ram killing rakshasas in Dandakaranya" sequence did remind me a bit of Ramayana serial on DD-1, with Ram killing a whole line with one arrow ;)

Any more links like this?

Crystal blur said...

My favorite is "who's that knocking". You should also check out other animations by her. Specially the stork one.

I am not sure if you have already seen this, but here is a link to animated Ramayana with Amrish Puri's voice for Ravana (loved that!). The trash talk before the fight had me in splits.