Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I was rummaging around in the anime section of Blockbuster hoping to find something worth watching after Barefoot Gen and unbelievably I struck gold. I picked out the first disc of the one and only season of Boondocks. I had never heard about the show. But the cover was intriguing. A black kid’s face stared intently from the cover. I had never come across an entirely black character cast in animation so that alone intrigued me. The episode descriptions looked pretty funny too. So I checked it out.

I was blown out of my mind by Boondocks. It is a bold satire that manages to hit a nerve with the political and black cultural issues. The humor is refreshing. I was even more amazed to find out how young the author Aaron McGruder was when he started writing the comic strip on which this animation is based.

I can’t wait for season 2 which will be released this June. You can check out the awesomely designed website for Boondocks or catch an episode on Cartoon network Adult swim .

Here is a clip from one of the episodes. Enjoy.
Warning: Strong language.


Drunken Master said...

I can't help but think in cartoons these days - South Park, Adult Swin, The Simpsons and The Family Guy.

Internet comics don't help my cause as well. Are you in the same boat?

Crystal blur said...

I didn't quite get what you were saying...did you mean that you don't enjoy them anymore?
I used to watch a lot of Simpsons, South Park and King of the Hill. Then I got used to the I watch them very rarely. But I still rummage through the animation section in the hopes of finding something like Boondocks.

Drunken Master said...

I still watch them, quite regularly too, but it seems I end up quoting lines from those shows even in serious situations (like talking to my advisor).

Feels like a disease, but it's not the kind I mind having.

Crystal blur said...

Haha! Yeah I used to do that too until my co-workers started giving me the "do you do anything other than watch TV" look. There was always some friends or seinfeld episode which had the exact incident on the topic at hand. So I had to try very hard to curb my impulses to quote. :)