Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chintu Pintu

My name is Chintu Pintu and I am a 2 months old puppy dog. The sidebar --> is my new home. Don't worry I won't bite you when you drop by Crys's website, unless ofcourse you put mean comments. You must think I am a genius of a puppy because I can already type a post. What do you expect? I am a cyber dog. I love to eat and play. So when you drop by don't forget to give me a treat or play with me or pet me.

-Chintu Pintu


witnwisdumb said...

chintu pintu? /:)

TP said...


Should'nt there be a way to comment without having to click through?

Scared of cute things :)

Shek said...

funny...where does chintu pintu pee and poop? Your blog background kinda looks like green grass that little puppies prefer. I am still better off because I play with the real thing

another brick in the wall said...

i love dogs.. dogs hate me.. i dnt understnd why.. and ths dog refuses to eat.. jst shows the tongue but whn i offer the bone.. it disappears.. it surely cant swallow the bone cz god they'll die.. it doesnt like the bone.. so where the hell does the bone go?? mystery mystery!

parikrama said...

Crazie. I tossed 10 to 12 puppy treats to him and he gobbled them all ! You got to teach him to say "No" .. else very soon you'll have a very obese pup in your sidebar :)

raghu said...

wow wow..aww.. pow BHOW..hehehe!

Crystal blur said...

Naam hai chintu, dil bada hai kintu. ;)

Ek click or ek hideous verification bhi nahi kar sakte ho hamare liye :p Ok what does that I have to enable something?

Where he does his business is his business. And we really don't want to know what you play with...this is a family blog.

Aww, Chintu Pintu does not hate you. You click on the treat bag, then hold the treat in the air somewhere above Chintu's head and he will eat it. You can even pet him by clicking on him. As far as where the bone his abysmal cyber tummy.

You make a good point. That is why there is a ball in the little more tab in the bottom right corner. Good food + lots of exercise = happy healthy chintu pintu

You can communicate in English with Chintu if you like :p. He is bilingual.

TP said...

Anything for you :)

Given that there is a word verification that blogger asks for, there is a very slim possibility that any external server would let you comment ( unless ofcourse there is someway this verification can be exported, to google reader for ex. Dont think it is supported this minute though )

nnk said...

chooo chweet!!

Hyde said...

I gave him the ball. Then I held a bone over his head. The poor thing didn't know what he wanted- the ball or the bone.

I think I'll go and play with a flesh-and-blood creature thats been whining impatiently for me.