Tuesday, July 10, 2007

300 manages to offend Iranians

The only good thing about the video is that someone in Iran decided to rap about it instead of bombing the nearest American embassy. Now if only this catches on in the middle east.

This video was made in protest of the movie 300.

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Shriniwas Kulkarni said...

Coming from a Parsi School in Pune taught me few things about ancient Iran - about Cyrus, Darius, Noshirwan, Xerexes, etc etc and their original fire-worship religion which now exists in very few places in the World ... how come the Islamist-bigots of present day Iran (and every other Muslim nation) deplore their own pre-Islamic heritage and yet come out to protect it from Western Abuse?

Probably the Ayatollahs realized that in the stopping "Al Amreeka"s - "War on Oil" they needed to read their own pages of History.

The reason for the Rap song is obvious -They finally realized that @ 72 virgins per jihadi martyr, God too ran out of supply. :)