Monday, July 02, 2007

A trip to the zooooooo

Went to the zoo over the weekend because it is a great place to hone photography skills. I sure don't have the patience to sit in the wild for hours only for some no show. As usual the primate cell was the saddest one. But the other animals didn't look all that sad. In fact they seemed to do better than most humans I know. They don't have to sit in cubicles day after day only to be able to afford a certain life style. These buggers have it made. Sure they don't get to prance around in the jungle but the last I heard, the jungle is not the easiest place to live in.

In the zoo on the other hand there are no predators to worry about, no bills to pay and no hours to bill. It is a paid vacation. These free loaders get a fully loaded unit (no chance of temperature controlled dwellings in the jungle) and a full health coverage (including dental). The creators of the animated movie Madagascar got it right after all. Talking about animated features, you got to watch Ratatouille. Pixar has redeemed itself in my eyes after the Cars fiasco.

Anyway, getting back to the zoo, here are some photos of the party animals (and one particularly interesting plant):

The snoozer

Tug of war

The "Oh my" plant ;)

Get a room


neha vish said...

I love frogs. In fact, I find myself missing them more so when it's monsoon in India. You know how they all come out - when the streets are waterlogged and the city becomes a romantic resort for mating frogs.


Drunken Master said...

Where's the photo of me??? I'm usually passed out on one of the benches right next to the Lion cages.

Crystal blur said...

Ugh! Currently my apartment complex has become a honeymoon suite for the ducks.

Drunken master,
I didn't post your photo b'coz you are my official DJ and I was protecting your image. Here you are announcing it to everyone...tsk tsk! Why the lion cage in particular?

dodo said...

I hope you girls are not falling for Disney's corporate shenanigans of transmogrifying four-legged creepy creatures into two-legged "Prince Charmings". What's up with all this animal erotica?
And, are those yellow frogs doing it, or did they turn yellow while doing it :O? Frogs are so creepy. Also snails. And centipedes.

Drunken Master said...

Lion - King of the Jungle; Me - King of the world, uh...drunks.

cheti said...

I thought i would get to see more photos on your flickr !

cheti said...

cool widget btw

Crystal blur said...

But they look so cuuutteeeee :p There were other frogs (voyeurs) in the background and they were also yellow. So they are all yellow yellow dirty fellows.

Drunken master,
I thought the word master in your name meant master of science :O)

I will upload some more photos of the zoo only if you promise to say nice things about the photos.

Twisted DNA said...

Geez, what a voyeur.

Didn't get the reference to the plant. Ya, ya. I know. I am slow.