Friday, July 06, 2007

Spooktacular movies

One of the perks of being an atheist is that you don’t get spooked out by horror movies. Without the thrill of a good spook you are left with a predictable plot and special effects that rarely (if ever) are adequate enough to make the movie worth watching.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I watched (most of) ‘the skeleton key’ last night and actually liked it. Although I must admit that I watched the first and last 20 minutes of the movie (and I still dare critique the movie haha!), the unexpected twist in the end makes me predict that the movie may be worth the torture (anyone watched the entire movie?). I give this movie a “worth a watch” thumbs up.

Now the other horror movie that I watched had a mediocre plot and shabby dialogues. I only watched it to see Tony Shalhoub suffer through it. Poor guy must have accepted the role to pay his bills. I decided to watch the movie hoping that it would be hilarious to watch Tony Shalhoub scream and run around in panic (which it totally was). ‘Thir13en ghosts’ delivered a predictable plot, but an unexpected bonus was the CGI effects and creative movie sets. Kudos to the special effects guys for the make-up of the ghosts and the crazy maze they built. I give this movie a “worth a watch if it is playing on TV and you have nothing better to do” thumbs up.

Spooktacular worth watch suggestions welcome.


Fleiger said...

One of the perks of being an atheist is that you don’t get spooked out by horror movies.

Dare I say Ringu?

Drunken Master said...

I saw The Descent last year expecting it to be rather crappy, but it turned out to be pretty darn good. You might notice the descent on more levels than one...

PkS said...

I watched a movie called "I C U" last week. (Yes, I was having lousy day. And yes, am really embarrassed of admitting I watched the movie). That was the first movie I saw in which the 'spirit' was not of a dead person. The body lies in a comatose state in a hospital while the spirit romances with Arjun Rampal.
Another thing I realised was that the movie title was a wordplay. The movie must have been named "I C U" 'coz the heroine was lying in the ICU of the hospital. Or so goes one theory. :-P

Was the movie scary? The thought of some one catching me watching the corny movie had me by the edge of my seat (and my finger of the channel change button).

Crystal blur said...

Is Ringu any different from The ring? I would watch it if it is.

Drunken master,
Ok...descent is on the list on blockbuster then.

that was hilarious :)

TheSpark said...

i did... i watched the entire movie n i loved it too. i don't like horror movies for the same reason: i don't get spooked. even though iam not an atheist. :)
'the others' is another such movie. i recommend it if u hvn't already watched it.