Monday, July 02, 2007

Respect my authoritay!!

The failed bombings in Glasgow and London have made the headlines for a couple of days now. Security is beefed up which means there will be endless lines at the airports and the airport security will have the green signal to anything from strip searches to anal probing. The security measures strangely resemble the panic of a chicken with its head cut off.

How do you find method in madness? If you think about it, almost anything can be used as a weapon. The target is the entire population of USA and UK. The borders are porous. The zealots are too many. To add to this explosive atmosphere there are foolish pranksters who get a kick out of creating panic in an edgy and nervous crowd. For instance, just after the UK bomb news appeared on the news some fellow went to a local airport in US and declared that he intends to blow up an entire city and that he was armed with explosives. The cops blocked the area and after hours of negotiations (or whatever it is that they do) the culprit was caught only to discover that he was making empty threats.

What resulted out of the incident was another new safety measure. The cops declared that they were going to do random searches of vehicles arriving at the airport. This meant that in addition to your inability to carry scissors or a bottle of drinking water on board, being subjected to random strip searches and wire tapping of your phone, the cops can now search your vehicle without a search warrant. Anything or anyone that is ‘suspicious looking’ is a fair game. What’s next? House searches without any warrants? This is like the Gestapo looking for Jews in Nazi Germany. Just like the terrorists, according to the new safety measures, the government is answerable only to God. (Dick Cheney is way ahead of the game).

If you are making plans for air travel and you are an Asian male with a goatee, shave it off today or you might find yourself on the next flight to Guantanamo Bay. In fact carry a copy of the bible and wear a big cross around the neck and paste some support the (US) troops, Jesus rocks and other Christian/patriotic logos on your suitcase. Even better carry a pair of red white and blue underwear…er…or may be not. Most importantly don’t forget to look unsuspicious.

Airport SecurityArtist Gary McCoy, Cagle Cartoons. Distributed to subscribers for publication by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.


raghu said...


Patrix said...

I just want to see what measure they implement when a terrorist stuffs his ass with explosives and tries to board a plane.

Crystal blur said...


Haha! Well said.

cheti said...


the first one to follow all your suggestions in the last paragraph will be the guy who wants to actually blow things up !

Well written.

Twisted DNA said...

The Bible thing you mentioned, unfortunately it's becoming more and more true everyday. The foundation this country is built upon is shaking. Very sad state for the country, right now. (I still can't get over the sadness caused by "Bong hits 4 Jesus" ruling).

In all this, I live with the slim hope that one day there will be a woman terrorist trying to board the flight with a bomb under her top and from that point on we will be treated to the new security check policy for women.

Murga said...

Fear is the biggest cause of letting more and more authority in hands of state. This apparent authority is not going to be sufficient in case any crazy is determined enough. You can save airplanes but what about bus, subway, public places?
Oh so now you will have random checks while even walking down a street?

Phenomenal Thinker said...


you kno u r good.... and i don't lik repeating... ;-)

PS: read the comment on ur lizard post if u r missing the link of my statement.


xactly wht i thot!! :-p